Second-half Slamah: Key Celtics matchups, January to June ☘️

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Coming out of the schedule gauntlet and London trip, the Celts sit at 34-10 — with tickets on a first-class cruise ship to the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the the schedule — less than 90 days remain in the regular season — to see what lies ahead.

Celtics tickets:

“Road trip!” – Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets & more

Boston Celtics schedule ticket info 2017-18 regular season playoffs

The last ten days of January may present some challenges… with some exciting matchups against old rivals, former coaches… and last season’s NBA champs.

Boston faces a January 23-24 back-to-back at the Staples Center starting with the Lakers one night and the newly-competitive Clippers and Doc Rivers the next.

The Lakers game has double-importance, of course. After all, 1. a win is a win, and 2. an LA loss helps out in the #CelticsPingPongBall NBA draft lottery race.

Plus it’s the friggin’ Lakers. Make that triple importance.

This B2B comes after three games with at least one night off before the Celtics face New Orleans, Philly, and Orlando.

The Cs could definitely take 2/3 there if not 3/3 before facing the B2B. (Yes, they are much, much better than both La La Land teams but you never know with road trips and B2Bs.)

Check out the full schedule here: Or click the calendar nearby for game-by-game info.

After that Clippers game, of course, then it’s…

Celtic-Warriors, January 27…

Celtics-Warriors tickets NBA finals preview or, what we politely refer to as this year’s second “2018 NBA Finals Preview.” Round One in Boston produced a gritty, defense-dominated win for the Cs earlier in the year.

The last game of that road trip is a trip to the mile-high city against the Nuggets. For whatever reason the Cs tend to struggle with the Nuggets and the altitude.

Next on tap is a three game home stand followed by road meetings with the hated Wizards and Raptors –- two good tests to assess where the team is inching toward the playoffs. (Suggested attire: green or black.)

The rest of February doesn’t involve any travel outside of the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Nothing to complain about there. And there is one special entry, circled on many Celtic-fan calendars.

Paul Pierce Night: February 11

#34. The return (on the court) of Isaiah Thomas. LeBron James. And of course, Jaylen Brown, who has “more dangerous people living in my neighborhood.”

Celtics vs. Cavaliers, round three. Will Gordon Hayward be back? No, not that soon. But it should be a great game as the Cavs look to put Boston in its place and get off the “Cavs Crackup” train before the playoffs.

March madness, Celtic style

Early March entails some Eastern Conference travel along with trips to Houston and Minnesota — but the games are not tightly schedule.

Late March features the final major road trip. The travel is extensive and goes all the way out west but the teams aren’t that intimidating: Jazz, Blazers, Kings, and Suns.

There is a huge Saturday night home game against the Raptors on March 31 which will be a very hot ticket. All of Toronto has a chip on its shoulder given the lack of shine given to the Raptors by the NBA punditocracy. Then again, Toronto has been here before… and then wilted in May.

After that the travel is very minimal and there are only two more B2Bs left. The last B2B has the Nets as the last game and at that point the Celts may have secured their playoff seeding. The schedule from here on out gives the Cs a great opportunity. No excuses — for the Celtics, or fans.

(We sometimes wait until the last minute and pay more. Then again, we always regret it. See, “pay more.”)

Celtics tickets:

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