Jaylen Brown Rising

Rising stars: Jaylen Brown gaining on Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson

Jaylen Brown - Klay Thompson - Jimmy Butler - advanced stat comparison - photo credit: NBA.com

Per the tables below Jaylen Brown leads the gang of three in scoring per 100 possessions, rebounding, effective field-goal percentage, and defensive DRtg. He’s closer to first than to third in most counting and advanced stats.

The only statistical categories Brown trails both Butler and Thompson in is, you guessed it, free throw shooting. (And note, Brown is shooting .720 from the line since Jan. 1, and .900 since the all-star-break.)

Rising stars by the numbers
By Ken Brock

Since our most recent comparison, Brown has closed the gap in assist percentage, blocks, and and win shares.

It’s worth noting that Thompson played nearly 36 minutes per game in his second year; Brown plays 31, and Butler played 26. So the per-game numbers are skewed in Thompson’s favor, especially compared to Butler. But if we’re entering caveats, remember also that Brown is 21, Thompson was 22, and Butler, 23.

Per Game Table
Jaylen Brown2017-182160.461.372.5343.2.6215.
Jimmy Butler2012-132382.467.381.5062.8.8034.
Klay Thompson2012-132282.422.401.5091.9.8413.
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Generated 3/6/2018.
Advanced Table
Jaylen Brown13.2.553.394.2789.
Jimmy Butler15.2.574.205.4558.
Klay Thompson12.7.533.437.1305.710.
Provided by Basketball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 3/6/2018.

You can draw your own conclusions from the numbers. Three different players, different teams, different roles. Still, at this point in his career, and with his work ethic, Brown is not far from providing comparable value and promise in his sophomore season. And for his age- — well, he’s got another year or two to go.

Dare to compare

They grow up so fast. It’s been some time since 247 compared the development of Jaylen Brown, Jimmy Butler, and Klay Thompson in their respective sophomore campaigns.

Enter a lot of howling on social media by some observers who, with respect, don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “compare.” (It’s “to note the similarities and differences between two or more things.”) How can one compare an apple to an orange? Well, they’re both fruits, both pretty juicy. Oranges (generally) have much thicker skin, and apples (unlike oranges) are featured in the logo of a highly successful corporation founded by Steve Jobs. Some similarities, some differences.

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