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Tomek Timi Kordylewski! - YouTube channel unblocked - Danny Ainge - Susan Wojcicki) - Celtics highlights

The fans have spoken — and, what’s more, someone at YouTube, the Celtics front office, or the NBA appears to have listened.

As most fans are now aware, YouTube has unblocked Tomek (“Timi”) Kordylewski, as Timi tweeted with elegant economy of expression nearby.

Special thanks to all the Celtics fans (and non-Celtics fans) who rallied to support their beloved highlight channel.

Did your efforts make a difference? Well, it’s hard to say.

Happily, no one will ever know what would have happened if people sat on their hands and did nothing. All we know is, you didn’t do nothing.

Instead, people rallied to make a reasoned but at the same time heart-felt appeal.

Twitter icon Janos fired a shot to Danny Ainge, the front office, and Ms. Wojcicki heard ’round the world.

The Boston Celtics sub on Reddit rallied the troops.

Celtics247 did our part in an open letter to Mr. Ainge, Adam Silver, and YouTube. One of you helped launch a petition drive. Others retweeded, upvoted, took surveys — you name it.

Voice of the Fan

And, today, everyone’s fave Celtics highlights channel is back on YouTube. Now you can watch Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and all your other favorite Celtics in living color on the world’s top video platform.

It’s 2018 — an age when many are cynical about the ability of regular people to make a difference. There’s plenty of reason to be jaded or cynical; but at least in this case, many folks weren’t.

“Once in a while in life — *sometimes* –,” as one petition comment noted, “a powerful person or corporation comes to the defense of the little guy.”

Whether because of fan efforts, in spit of them, or in between, someone, somewhere, did the right thing. And that is worth celebrating. Banner 18 Boogie, anyone?

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Celtics247 staff

Celtics247 staff

Celtics247 staff is composed of fans, journalists, disbarred attorneys, people laid off by ESPN, and other disreputable types who spend too much time watching basketball -- and loving it. If you'd like to join our merry band, you can post a comment, tweet us at @Celts247, or email us (see the contact page.) The only requirement is that you bleed green.
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