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Harden vs. LeBron vs. Kyrie – who’d be missed the most?

NBA MVP survey - image credit 2Kmt.central.com - LeBron James - James Harden - Kyrie Irving

Take James Harden off the Rockets. Take LeBron James off the Cavs. And, with tears in your eyes, take Kyrie Irving off the Celtics.

(Please don’t actually do it; this is just a hypothetical.)

Then have the three teams play a round-robin tournament.

If tied, they’ll keep playing extra rounds until there’s a winner.

Who wins? Houston, Cleveland, or Boston?

MVP: Harden, James, Irving

Before you answer, here’s a little plus-minus data from Fox Sports. For the year, Harden is +371, Irving is +210, James is -7. Or, you can check out some of their advanced stats using the sophisticated player comparison module at BasketballReference.com.

To us, the answer is Houston… maybe Cleveland — but you can see how our readers are reacting nearby.

(I.e., we think Houston has enough roster strength and depth to overcome the Celtics and the Cavs if they’re without their “quarterback.”)

The answer should be pertinent to the #NBAMVP discussion, though sadly, it probably isn’t.

(Try to leave coaching out of it. We know, we know.)

(Remember, Celtics fans — if you think Boston would be just fine without Kyrie… you may get an @ with the hashtag, “#EwingTheory.” Though if we factor in not just rosters, but management, you can make a strong case for Boston. Two words: “Brad Stevens.”)

So take the poll, or post your comments below, or @ us at will. It’s all in good fun.

And for some extra fun, visit the image creators above at 2Kmt.central.com to do cool stuff like create cards, fantasy lineups, NBA MVP and GOAT debates, and more.

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Celtics247 staff

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