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The Case for #NBAvote Aron Baynes All-star

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Baynes… 1. Leads all NBA players in defensive rating. 2. As well, enjoys a higher “Net Rating” than Joel Embid, Karl-Anthony Townes, Anthony Davis. 3. Number two NetRtg among all NBA centers. 4. Leads NBA centers in wins (30. No other center > 25). 5. Of course, let’s face it: He puts the lie to claim Australian men 6 feet 10 or taller can’t be handsome devils.

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You want more evidence? The case for Aron Baynes

all NBA players ranked for defensive effectiveness per - Aron Baynes leads NBA in defense1. All NBA players (all positions) defensive rating

Baynes leads all 400-plus NBA players in defensive rating (see table nearby), the NBA’s advanced stat for tracking a player’s effectiveness.

Please note, the ranking is based on opponents’ scoring per 100 possessions.

He presently has a higher blocked-shot percentage (2.9 to 2.8) than DeAndre Jordan, an all-NBA defensive player for the last four years (first-team in two of the last three years).

Although Baynes isn’t a featured ball-handler on offense, he still ranks in the top 10 among NBA centers in win shares per 48 minutes played.

all NBA centers ranked defensive effectiveness per - Aron Baynes second among all NBA centers2. All NBA centers
ranking by “Net Rating”

Another NBA advanced stat that ranks player effectiveness, on offense and defense combined, is “Net Rating.”

Here he ranks second among all centers — ahead of such consensus “slam-dunk” all-stars as KAT, Anthony Davis, and Joel Embid.

ESPN notes his “burgeoning role as Celtics become ‘an elite team’.” (November 15, 2017).

Indeed, Baynes has 30 wins at center. No other NBA center has more than 25.

Features, analysis, and updates

Who’s the No. 1 reason for the No. 1 defense? Aron Baynes,
The Boston Globe, December 5, 2071.

Horford and Baynes spearhead Celtics’ league-leading defensive effort,”
NBC Sports, November 1, 2017.

And note, you can keep up to date at the Reddit news page, updated regularly.

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