Dr. & Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr.
– Jaylen Brown

King Day speech - Jaylen Brown on Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King

Excerpts from Jaylen Brown‘s address to the Boston Celtics on Martin Luther King Day, 2018. News report from, here.

On this Monday, on behalf of my teammates, the Celtics organization, and the NBA, we want to take this day to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King.

His vision and his quotes are still inspiring and impacting people to this day.

I can talk all day — we can talk all day — about how Dr. Martin Luther King has inspired us.

And yet, we still wouldn’t do justice to the people before us, that kind of… pushed. And got us to where we are today.

Some of those quotes are…

In the words
of Dr. King

— “The day we choose to be silent about the things that matter is the day our life ends.”

— “Choose love not hate. Hate is too much of a burden.”

— “We have to continue to push forward as people. If we can’t fly, then run. If we can’t run, then walk; if we can’t walk, then crawl. But we have to continue to push forward.”

Notably, Jaylen Brown grew up 20 minutes away from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. King served as a pastor. His high school basketball coach used to take him and his teammates to the church once per year to teach them about King’s impact.

Of course, Brown had very little time to prepare his address. Accordingly, he “spoke completely” from his heart.

Some heart. Some speech. And: some… day.

Jaylen Brown on MLK Day 2018

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