Open Letter

Dear Marcus Smart* (stitches, Boston athletes, & heart)

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Dear Mr. Smart:

We are writing as fans and friends to say:

We love you, and support you.

Your frustration seems apparent (see below) and speaks well of you.

After the Celtics lost to the Lakers, you didn’t whine or blame anyone else.

In fact, you held yourself accountable for your actions despite the fact that you were the object of a flood of unfair — and frankly, sloppy — criticism.

(We disagreed with those wrong-headed critics, here, and Marc D’Amico disagreed with them even more effectively, here. Bill Simmons: shame on you.)

That said, you shouldn’t take it out on yourself. If someone else suffered, you should own it. Or, if it was simply a benign mishap, “you shouldn’t be so sloppy.”

It hurts the Celtics. And as your selfless effort over your career has shown, that is not the essence of Marcus Smart. Quite the contrary.

Heal fast and get back soon. The team needs you. The team needs your heart.

And we all know what happens to Boston guys w/ hand stitches.

Memo to our readers & Danny Ainge

Marcus Smart - Boston Celtics - hand injury- Danny Ainge - Celtics rumorsSome 36-48 hours after Marcus Smart went to the hospital with team officials with a lacerated hand, the events that led to that appear to remain a mystery — even to the Celtics.

“Marcus Smart is also out,” Brad Stevens said. “He lacerated his hand on glass in the hotel. Got stitches. I don’t know the full story. We’re learning more about that. Mike Zarin and Brian Dolan were with him at the hospital two hours ago, got stitches. It doesn’t sound like a long term injury, but we’re doing more research on how it happened.”

This suggests powerfully that either an embarrassing accident, or something done out of anger or frustration, caused the injury. (Whether the incident happened “shortly before” the Clippers game, or earlier, it raises all the same questions.)

If it were us — yes, we’re the kind of morons that have punched walls, smashed glasses, and at the same time, cut ourselves accidentally — there might well have been alcohol involved. Or, ashamedly, a woman. Or some other guy. In some cases, all of the above.

We encourage Danny Ainge, the team, and Mr. Smart to simply put out an explanation and let the chips fall.

The sooner the team explains what happened, or Mr. Smart does, the sooner critics can have their snicker.

Once there’s nothing left to speculate about…. there will be nothing left to speculate about.

Then the Celtics and Mr. Smart can get back to the business of Banner 18. A quest the team, and Smart, have pursued with both professionalism and resolve.


The report above was published at about 1 a.m. this morning.

Early this afternoon, Mr. Smart issued the statement below on twitter.

We’re proud of the Celtics, and Marcus Smart especially, for stepping up to the plate and doing something all too rare in these times:

Issuing a clean, simple, no-excuses apology.

Here’s hoping it becomes a trend in sports, and even, other walks of life.

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