Cavs dominate highlight reel; OKC dominates game, 148-124

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OKC crushes Cavs, 148-124 – January 20

D-Wade tossed a beautiful alley-oop to LeBron James as the Cavaliers lost in Cleveland to the Thunder (see below).

Brooklyn Nets trail playoffs by: 6.5 games.

Phoenix Suns trail playoffs by: 6.5 games.

Cavs trail Celtics by: 6.5 games.

The race is on.

Cavaliers vs. Warriors: January 15

Cavs fans get testy about “look at LeBron’s stats” tweets after each loss — #CavsCrackup report below.

Cavaliers crackup: January 14

Saturday’s loss by the Nets padded the Cavs lead over Brooklyn to 10 1/2 games, but with Miami’s hot streak (6 straight), Cleveland leads the Heat by only 1 1/2 games for the fourth playoff spot.

Straw in the wind:

After nearly every Cavs game, win or lose, the team tweets out a hortatory item on LeBron’s stats, like this one late Friday:

Could this be part of what coach Ty Lue means by “agendas”?

In any case, Cavaliers fans are becoming increasingly (and understandably) snarky.

A sampling of replies:

#CavsCrackup: January 13

Cavaliers #CavsCrackup NBA facts fun facts Boston Celtics NBA standings— The Cavs lost a nail-biter in Indiana Friday, 97-95, bringing them closer to missing the playoffs (5 1/2 game lead on 76ers) than to catching the Celtics (7 game deficit.)

The Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls are now as close to the 8th playoff spot as the Cavaliers are to first place.

— Ty Lue issued a LeBronEsque cryptogram after the team’s blowout loss to the Raptors on Thursday, mentioning that some players might have “agendas” other than winning. Alas for Cleveland, it didn’t seem to do much good. No update on the emoji-meme fronts.

#AllForOne is reportedly the rallying cry on the team twitter feed. One Cavs fan quipped after the Pacers game: “I wonder who the ‘One’ is.”

Another tweeted:

#CavsCrackup – January 12

Following the Celtics win and Cavaliers loss on Thursday, the following fun facts are, well — real facts.

The Cavs trail the Celtics by 6 1/2 games. As a result:

1. Cavaliers are closer to missing the playoffs than they are to Boston. (The Philadelphia 76ers, in 9th place, are 6 games behind the Cavs.)

2. The Brooklyn Nets are closer to making the playoffs (6 games behind the Pacers) than Cleveland is to the Celtics. (There goes that draft pick.)

The same can be said of the Phoenix Suns in the west. They trail the Pelicans by 5 games.

3. In the entire NBA, three teams — the Kings (8), Knicks (8), and Magic (9) — have lost more of their last 10 than the Cavaliers (7).

4. If the Los Angeles Clippers played in the East, they’d also be six games behind the Cavs.

5. Not so much “fun,” bot for perspective: The last time a LeBron James Cavs team had this bad a stretch, they weathered a 9-of-10 slide and were 21-20 at midseason. They won the Eastern Conference.

And please don’t @ us, Raptors fans. We haven’t forgotten about Toronto, especially after its dismantling of the Cavaliers.

Editor’s note: The next Cavaliers-Celtics game is February 11, Paul Pierce Night. More on Celtics-vs.-Cavs on our schedule, tickets, and game preview thread.

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