Last chance for the LilB ☘️ Jaylen Brown all-star Love Train

Jaylen Brown all-star advanced stats #NBAvote Jaylen Brown

January 14 update – fact sheet below

“Let’s go!” So sayeth the BasedGod, Lil B, on Jaylen Brown and the 2018 all-star vote.

Per our reply… you know what to do.

Reply with ” #NBAvote Jaylen Brown”
and multiply your votes

#NBAvote Jaylen Brown All-Star
FACT sheet for cerebral ☘️ Celtics fans

Trivia time, readers and journalists and fans and members of the punditocracy….

1. NBA shooting guards — advanced stat leaders

Can you name the top 5 shooting guards in the Eastern Conference, ranked (they happen to come out the same) either by win shares or by “Real Plus Minus”?

Most of you can guess surprise star Victor Oladipo at #1. So far so good. And you probably think Bradley Beal and DeMar DeRozan are not far behind, correct? Well, if so, you’re right.

So who’s #4? Well if you looked at the chart above, you’ll know the answer — but bully for you, you’re one of those people who, even when it comes to sports, processes information. And if not, you’ll probably be surprised to learn it’s Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

(The only Western Conference shooting guards who out-rank Brown are Jimmy Butler, Gary Harris, and Klay Thompson. Pretty good company, placing Brown 7th in the entire NBA.)

2. NBA Clutch time stats

Okay, this one we haven’t tipped. Using the elegant sorting software at NBA.com, we compiled a list of the Top 100 clutch time contributors — at all positions — in the league. (Players with at least 20 games involving some clutch-time minutes, however small, and averaging at least 3 minutes per appearance over those games. Ranked using the NBA’s “Net Rating,” or NetRtg, measurement of overall impact.)

Jaylen Brown clutch-time advanced stats Net Rating NBADoes Jaylen Brown:
a. not appear on the list;
b. appear in the top 100, but not the top 50;
c. appear in slots 25-50 somewhere,
d. appear in the top 10, or
e. none of the above?

The answer, of course, is “d.” Brown ranks #6 among all NBA players — Here are the ratings:

(Yes, there are four other Celtics in the Top 10. Can we help it if the Boston Celtics are a good team?)

An intelligent fan’s guide to tweeting

Any tweet containing the elements “#NBAvote” and “Jaylen Brown” counts as an all-star vote. You don’t have to add anything else.

But why leave all that white space? By using one of the tweets below, or constructing one of your own, you can add links, images, information, stats — whatever you want.

That way, you’re not only voting — you’re campaigning. Informing. Maybe even (c’est incredible) persuading. And making a more attractive voting package for your friends and followers to retweet.

So go green — in more ways than one. And please, tweet (and retweet) responsibly… and effectively.

Don’t just RT – reply with “#NBAvote Jaylen Brown”

Notice what Ruth has done here:

In addition to RTing, she replied. This gives everyone a chance to cast two votes in one thread.

Play 3-d chess (like Jaylen) – don’t just RT.
Reply w/ “#NBAVote Jaylen Brown”
to generate more vote opportunities

Remember – don’t just RT.
Reply w/ “#NBAVote Jaylen Brown”
to generate more vote opportunities

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