The case for Theis or Baynes vs. the 76ers

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Attention good suggestions department.

Our irrepressible friend Fongos makes case for starting Daniel Theis (or, we’d add, Aron Baynes) against the 76ers. Here, we proffer some added considerations to throw into the mix.

1. Baynes and Theis have each earned playing time, and their advanced stats on the floor with Celtic starters are solid.

2. Even without The Process, Joel Embid, playing tonight, 76ers like Dario Saric historically give Boston a certain degree of trouble with muscle on the boards and in the paint. Celtics tr with bigs who are athletic, floor-stretching, or both. In only four losses this year — count ’em, four — the Celtics had to cope with same.

The Cavs run two bigs, LeBron and Love (yes, LeBron is big), who can shoot, rebound, and pass, and a third, Tristan Thompson, who usually gives them trouble on the boards and on pick and rolls. The Bucks have the Greek Freak. The Heat, whom we warned about have Hassan Whiteside. And then there’s always Against-the-Celtics Drummond.

3. Al Horford likes to play the 4, and thrives as Point Horford on the offensive end. This is especially important given the trapping strategy some teams have employed against Kyrie Irving.

4. Besides, you have to kinda like the way Marcus Morris plays off the bench. With Morris on the floor with the other floor starters, the Celtics lineup has under-performed other combinations. Morris likes to get up shots, and the bench unit has had scoring difficulties now and then. You can argue it’s a good fit.

(By the way, we’re not saying, “Morris should be benched.” But some match-ups are not the best, and sometimes, a player like Morris can be more beneficial to the second unit on certain nights.)

The case for Baynes/Theis….
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