“Shooting star” — Jaylen Brown’s *eye-popping* numbers

Jaylen Brown shooting improvement
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Like the Celtics as a team, Jaylen Brown appears to be ahead of schedule.

Here are his basic shooting stats from his 2015-2016 year at Cal:

FG: 43.1%
3PT: 29.4%
TS: 47.1%
FT: 65.4%

Looking at those stats, Danny Ainge was careful, when introducing Brown to a skeptical audience of Celtic fans in June of 2016, to explain that Brown was a “raw talent” who needed “development.”

Here are his overall regular season numbers for 2016-2017

FG: 45.4%
3PT: 34.1%
TS: 53.9%
FT: 68.5%

In other words, playing in the NBA at 20, he actually out-performed how he shot the ball in college.

But wait, the story gets better.

Here are his stats after the all-star break (25 games):

FG: 49.4%
3PT: 37.9%
TS: 57.9%
FT: 60.5%

Okay, he struggled at the line a bit in the spring.

Wait again though, there’s more.

Like most players — certainly unless you get over 35-40 minutes a game — Brown shoots better when he’s able to play for longer stretches and get more touches.

Brown as a starter (20 games)
(therefore having to play against starting talent)

FG: 45.9%
3PT: 40.4%
TS: 57.3%
FT: 69.8%

Brown in games playing 20 minutes or more (27 games)

FG: 49.1%
3PT: 40.4%
TS: 59.5%
FT: 67.9%

IT’S A REMINDER, as one of his fellow Cal students commented last summer, that “shooting can be taught,” whereas, “basketball IQ cannot. Heart cannot.”

Likewise: “You can teach shooting and handles much easier than defensive capabilities,” or, I would add, the foot speed and the will to play great defense. (cc: Celtics draft team.)

The formula for Brown’s continued development in 2017-2018?

It would appear to be:

1. keep doing whatever he’s been doing in practice (and his long hours after practice);

2. give him more minutes; and

3. get him more touches.

(By staff)

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