Is Avery Bradley another Joe Dumars? No. But his footwork, shooting, and phlegmatic tenaciousness may make him the closest thing the NBA has seen in 25 years.

Okay, apres le debunking deluge, let’s start with the obvious disclaimers….

Avery Bradley hasn’t been on the all-NBA defensive team five times. (But he deserved to be at least twice, and probably does this year.)

Joe Du has two rings, Avery none. Joe was a finals MVP; Avery has never been to the finals. (Yet.)

But if you compare their defensive and offensive skill set, and sheer championship demeanor — their mutual quiet but ferocious resolve —

At this point, AB may be rising above even “a poor man’s Joe Dumars.” He might be becoming, and certainly has the potential, to be sort of an “upper middle class” Joe D…. and has stock has done nothing but rise.

Here’s a comparison of the two at the same age, 26:

Joe Dumars vs. Avery Bradley - stats chart

The next steps for Avery? A deep playoff run, some clutch baskets there… and who knows?

He’s not there yet, but as the guy says in the original Magnificent Seven, “so far so good.”

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Celtics247 staff

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