Isaiah Thomas Narrowly Avoids Suspension

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The NBA First Round game 3 turned into an explosive display when Isaiah Thomas ‘punched’ Atlanta Hawks player Dennis Schroder in the face during Saturday’s game, an action that caused a lot of punters to call into question how Thomas should be dealt with.

Rivalry between the teams is renowned throughout the community, despite the fact that more infamous frictions, like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics take prominence in the news. Unsurprisingly the tension during the TD Garden hosted game was heavy throughout the majority of the match, but the conflict between the two guards soon turned the heat up even further.

During the first quarter of Game 3 of the pairing, Thomas can be seen hitting Schroder in the head with a closed fist. Even though the action is clearly caught on video, there has been some contention of whether it actually warrants being called a punch due to how casual the behaviour appears to have been. Regardless of which noun is best used to describe the altercation, viewers and critics watching at the time suspected that the Celtics guard would receive some type of discipline for it. Although many were appalled by the behaviour between the two sports personalities, no foul was called by the referee.

After the match, when Thomas was asked to comment on the event, he stated that he didn’t mean to hit the oppositions guard, but that Schroder shouldn’t be shocked that he didn’t back down as that’s what playoff basketball is all about. It would appear that Schroder didn’t get that memo though as he said that he wouldn’t let anyone slap him like that, and that it made him very mad. While Thomas clearly felt that there was no need to apologise to his fellow NBA player, it was reported that an official apologised to the Hawks star during halftime for not seeing the offense happen.

With Game 4 having taken place Sunday and the Celtics victorious once more, and Game 5 playing on Tuesday, there is a lot of rewards spectators could stand to gain by opting for bookmakers betting possibilities, such as Betway’s free-bet option. Regardless of how the community chooses to engage with the upcoming playoffs between the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics, there is no denying that the next time Thomas and Schroder meet there will be a certain amount of animosity between the two. This seems especially true if you consider how the Atlanta guard responded to the friction of the match during the fourth quarter of match 3, when Schroder deliberately came down hard on Thomas in an attempt to block a shot of his.

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