Bill Russell averaged about 8 blocks a game – RealGM researcher. Plus Wilt vs. Russ matchup stats.

Bill Russell - blocks - Wilt Chamberlain - shot blocking statistics for Bill Russell

Everybody knows Bill Russell blocked shots like there was no tomorrow, Whenever you get in a discussion about it, though, you’re hampered by the fact that, for the most part, they just didn’t keep a stat for that at the time.

A compilation of more than 100 games for which reports are available suggests that Bill Russell probably averaged more than 8 blocks per game over his career. That’s my biggest takeaway as far as Bill Russell goes from this post.

It was on the NBA discussion board at — and at the NBA Forum discussion board at Inside Hoops.

“There is some selection bias,” as one commenter writes. “A newspaper won’t report it if they had like 2 blocks in the game.” Or at least you would think so.

In fact however, that’s not really true. As the OP (“CavaliersFTW”) points out, “there are multiple games of Wilt blocking 1 shot in there, and Russell 2, etc.” In other words, “it might not be all that off the mark.” (Here is one of his tables.)

This is something I briefly mentioned some time ago talking about Russell’s athleticism, but just couldn’t track down the thread.

Russ vs. Wilt

Another researcher posted a similar item, focused more on the head-to-head games. This one is at GameFAQs.

The post shows that most of Wilt’s stats went down against Russell, but hardly by a huge amount. This counteracts the myth that Russell totally dominated Chamberlain when they played.

Then again, smart fans always knew that was the case. Russell himself always said that. The two players had mad respect for each other.

Here is that head-to-head table for regular season and then playoffs.

bill russell - wilt chamberlain - regular season - head to head stats comparison

bill russell - wilt chamberlain - NBA playoffs - head to head stats comparison

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