Celtics Deal for JaVale McGee Falls Apart

javale mcgee celtics

Amidst clear signs that JaVale McGee and the Celtics were going to join forces to ensure adequate Boston representation on TNT’s Shaqtin’ a Fool, the deal has sadly fallen apart according to Steve Bulpett:

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics and McGee couldn’t agree on terms for a second year option:

Most teams interested in McGee have been assumed to want a second year team option. Signing a mercurial player like McGee without the added insurance of team control for next year would’ve left the Celtics assuming all of the risk for the acquisition with a limited chance for any sort of long-term payoff. And Woj reporting that McGee is looking for a player option. This seems ridiculous given that Philadelphia is now paying McGee to not play for them and Denver had to send Philadelphia draft picks to rid themselves of McGee.

McGee had reportedly changed his twitter account’s background to a Celtics theme and Ainge had commented on the record regarding the talks. For the teams to have not discussed which team would control the option that far into the process would be unusual. For Celtics fans who had gotten excited about adding a rim protector in the midst of their playoff race, I offer the following consolation:

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Gavin Campbell
Bleeding kelly green since the early '80s, I grew up watching VHS tapes of Bird and Parish pick & rolls and McHale postups. Stayed strong through the next few decades though the basketball wasn't always as aesthetically pleasing. I'm still an NBA junkie, despite Rick Pitino's best efforts. I've also developed a love for traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. Over the past few years I've explored parts of the Peruvian Amazon, Gujarat state in India, and the Galapagos Islands. I've spent most of the previous decade working as an Emergency Room nurse. It's an intense, challenging, and rewarding profession but doesn't leave much room for creative expression. In that vein, I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with Celtics fans around the world as Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens shape the next Celtics dynasty!
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