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Twitter has for a while now been the public discussion forum for many professional athletes. The NBA being no exception, we’ve seen some interesting exchanges among some of the world’s basketball elite.  It’s amazing that as fans we have the opportunity to get inside the mind of a player away from the court. While some are boring and predictable, some can be somewhat entertaining.

For any Celtics fans using Twitter we thought it might be interesting to provide a look into the state of the current Celtics, how they Tweet and who you should be following.  Here we go:

The Players

Marcus Smart (@smart_MS3) – Smart, who has become the Celtics quasi-savior of late is somewhat active on Twitter, and with 62K followers, is one of the most followed among the current Celtics players.

Marcus tweets a lot about his alma-matter Oklahoma State (I mean he is just a year removed from college) and even went on a mini-rant recently about how people shouldn’t be bashing Coach Ford at OK State.

All in all, Smart’s tweets are usually promotional in nature, mentioning events that he’ll be attending, etc. Smart doesn’t really seem like the ra-ra kind of guy either, as he’s rarely mentioning much about the Celtics or his current teammates.  Smart isn’t afraid to show off his personal style though–this tweet captured Smart wearing some new threads.

Marcus Thornton (@officialMT23) – Thornton has a good size follower base (40K) and is somewhat active on Twitter.  Thornton, unlike Smart is a bit more animated on Twitter and tends to get a bit more personal, yet most of his tweets are short and sweet and ….like this one

Maybe it’s no surprise that his instagram screen name is ‘lowkeymt’.  One thing Marcus needs to work on is the fact that he’s still using a Sacramento King’s background. (maybe we’ll holler at him on Twitter to change it)


Tyler Zeller (@ZellerTyler) – Zeller is the least active of the Celtics Twitterati, with only 117 Tweets thus far yet with a respectable 54K followers.   From Zeller’s limited action, it’s clear that he’s using it mainly as a promotional tool as opposed to communicating with fans, etc.  Zeller frequently mentions Nutrilite Health, which apparently is a vitamin offshoot of the multi-level marketing company Amway.

Without digging too deep, we’ll just assume that Zeller is a paid shill for Amway.   Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that he won’t stop talking about it.  While we love Zeller’s play on the court, we wouldn’t get too excited about his social media prowess.

Jae Crowder (@CJC9BOSS) -This guy means business.  On the court and off.  THAT’S WHY YOU GOTTA LOVE WHAT JAE IS BRINGING TO THE TABLE ON TWITTER!  Sorry for that excruciatingly painful all-caps sentence but we just wanted to give you an idea of what Jae’s world looks like on Twitter.  Jae is all-caps, all the time.  And do we want him to change?  Nah, keep going with your bad-self Jae.  Here’s a sample:

Jae, with 32K followers is one of the least followed Celtics on Twitter, but one of the most active.  Crowder is a frequent tweeter and is always posting about what happened after a game or how he’s feeling beforehand. He’s a big motivational guy too, which sort of goes hand and hand with his play on the court.  I liked this one:

James Young (@realjamesyoung) – IF you follow Young on Twitter, get prepared to see a lot of Re-Tweets in your stream.  Young isn’t much with original tweets, but likes to re-tweet news articles and videos about himself.   One thing we like–it show’s that Young has a lot of confidence in himself.  For a 19 year old rookie in the NBA that’s been shipped back and forth from Boston to Portland more than I can remember, it’s good to see him still confident.  Here’s a tweet from Draft Day..


Jared Sullinger (@Jared_Sully0) -Sullinger has the most followers (176K) among current Celtics and is very active on Twitter.  Sully, an Ohio State alum is still a big fan of his old stomping grounds and speaks frequently about the current Buckeyes.  He was especially pumped when the won the Championship this year.

It’s also kind of funny to look at some of the tweets that Sullinger has favorited. I’m guessing these are posted on his locker and used for motivation:

Evan Turner (@thekidet) – Turner trails only Sully as far as popularity goes on Twitter with 163K Followers.  And Turner’s tweets are primarily pictures he posts to his instagram account.  Here’s one Turner just posted with a shot of his Range Rover with a special s/o to his dealer.   That is Celtic Green right?  Can that thing get a new paint job if he gets traded?  Nice whip regardless.

Brandon Bass (@bestbetbass) -Bass as you might imagine is somewhat reserved on Twitter, isn’t incredibly active (only 898 Tweets) and has a somewhat limited fan base with only 15K followers.  Bass like Young does a lot of re-tweeting but seems like a pretty cool dude. Especially for the fact that he his own charitable foundation dedicated to helping the underprivileged youth in disadvantaged communities.  Here’s Bass presenting a $5K check to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston

Kelly Olynyk (@kellyolynyk) – Kelly has about 36K followers and while he likes to tweet, isn’t quite as active as some of the other Celtics.  Olynyk really does seem to have gotten a bit of the Boston Sports bug as he is always showing support for his fellow Boston athletes.  One example:

Most of Olynyk’s tweets also come from a website called SQOR which is basically a Twitter for Athletes website.  Not sure what the future of that might be–Olynyk has only 200 followers on SQOR.  It’s also very image heavy as opposed to Twitter which is a mix of text and photos.   Olynyk like to post pictures of stuff he eats…here’s one of him actually making pizza at a sub shop in Virginia.


Tayshaun Prince, Avery Bradley, Gerald Wallace (no twitter accounts..c’mon guys! Time to start tweeting)


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