Can the Celtics Get Value For a Prince?


The Boston Celtics already have quite the selection of future first and second round draft picks for years to come, which makes them a rebuilding franchise. A couple players who may not be in a Celtics jersey by years end are Brandon Bass and Tayshaun Prince. Both can provide veteran leadership to a team in contention and many will be vying for their services as the trade deadline draws near.

Tayshaun is a small forward who is capable of providing some consistency off the bench. With his length and frame, Prince can definitely guard the quicker small forwards in the league in which a lot of teams have trouble containing. Back in his golden years, Prince was a great defender and could chase down a block from the other end of the court.

Not only was he great in the defensive end, but he could nail the mid jumper and back down smaller opponents. Although Tayshaun looks like a very weak player by his slim frame, he was able to easily post up players noticeably bigger than he was.

There will be a handful of title contenders looking to trade for Prince because he has Championship experience and that goes a long way in this league. He may be way past his prime, but he can give a team a solid 15-20 minutes of consistent play.

What the Celtics will get in return for Prince is arguable, but it will most likely consist of young talent or future second round draft picks. Perhaps with a package deal including Bass, they could get first round draft picks in return, but Prince himself wouldn’t garner too much in return.

There is not much need for Tayshaun on a rebuilding team such as the Celtics, so it is inevitable that he will be in a different uniform in just a few weeks.

What the Celtics will do with all these draft picks is a great question to ponder. My hope is that they will be able to package some picks to move up higher in the draft or to receive some established talent.

The Celtics future is bright, so fans of Boston will surely have great news in the near future. Celtic pride will definitely continue as the years progress.

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Hunter Thomas
As a lifetime New England sports fan, Hunter was determined in October of 2005 to finally start using that passion and determination to create the site now known as Celtics 24/7. Formerly known as Celtics Pride, Celtics 24/7 has become one of the most well-respected and followed Celtics websites. Our motto “For Fans, By Fans” rings entirely true as we’ve built and grown a community of passionate and enthusiastic Celtics fans. It all starts with you–the fans, and I appreciate every single person who supports us on our journey to the top.
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