Respect Yo Elders: Bill Russell Jumps Over This Dude

Bill Russell athleticism, statistics - photo credit: United Press International

Russell’s athleticism

I’m sure you guys have seen this video by now, but it’s too amazing to leave off this site!

Many people think players in the 60’s were no where near as athletic as the players today, but this is proof that they could hold their own in today’s era!



Russell’s statistics

Speaking of the GOAT, it’s one of the tragedies of sports that guys like Russell don’t get credit for some of their accomplishments because of the stone-age statistics kept in his day.

(A similar example would be Deacon Jones or Willie Davis — who played before the NFL kept an official “sack” number.)

But now and then a little glimmer of hope emerges. This comes from what appears to be a researcher who has compiled some statistics on one of the NBA boards.

The post is more focused on Wilt’s accomplishments, nothing wrong with that. But he also appears to have a database of reports on Russell’s blocked shots over more than 100 games. This might lead to something, who knows?

A much older effort was made to estimate stats for Russ, Wilt, and other greats. But of course, “we can only estimate.” Those estimates, though, are consistent with general reports at the time that Russell averaged 7-9 blocks a game.

“Over-rated” Russell

For amusement purposed only, the guys at the Bleacher Report, who consider Russ An Overrated NBA Legend,” Overrated? Compared to what?!?

(Just to be a little fair despite the title, it’s a fairly balanced article, at least they note that in 1980, “the Professional Basketball Writers Association of America declared Bill Russell to be the “Greatest Player in the History of the NBA.”)


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