Who Will Survive The Danny Ainge Cuts?

Danny Ainge says the Celtics aren’t interested in the free agent market, aren’t shopping Rondo and Green, and aren’t in a hurry to find a new coach.  So what are they focused on doing, cutting the roster! Terrence Williams, the troubled SG from Louville was cut earlier in the week, and he should be the first of many cuts to cut this roster down to 15.  Colton Iverson, our second round draft pick, randomly picked his number 37 of his jersey because all the other numbers were taken on the roster!  Lets go down the roster and see who joins the rebuilding process and who hits the free agent market:


1) Rajon Rondo – Starting PG

Rondo, until traded by Danny Ainge, is our building block, just like Paul Pierce was before the BIG three came to Beantown.  He’s arguably the best PG in the game, but is coming off ACL surgery and is supposedly set to be ready at the start of the season. We know Ainge says he isn’t shopping Rondo, but take everything he says with a grain of salt.  Rondo is our cornerstone for now, and that is how Boston management should build this roster with that theme.


2) Avery Bradley – Starting SG

One thing we learned in this years playoffs, Bradley is NOT a PG.  He is an undersized combo guard who can defend multiple positions and shoot the three.  Celtics Nation is definitely a fan of Bradley’s tenaciousness on defense and his energy, expect this guy to be on the roster all year.


3) Jeff Green – Starting SF

 This was not tough to put Green over Wallace in the starting forward spot.  Green had a breakout season last year coming off heart surgery.  Expect Green to thrive being the number 2 option in Beantown and maybe even an All-Star nod.


4) Jared Sullinger – Starting PF

We knew he had back problems and Sully missed most of last season with them, but according to the Boston staff, Jared is recovering well.  Sully, I think can be a 14 and 10 guy if he is given the right kind of minutes.  Expect him to be our low post option this year!


5) Kelly Olynyk – Starting C

Not sure if he is the starting center from day 1, but “The Mane” as I like to call him, is a 7 footer with guard skills.  I think this isn’t a sexy pick, but this pick will be good in the long run.  Rondo will only make this guy better.  Plus his personality is great, which is a must for a young group of guys in the locker room!


6) Brandon Bass – Sixth Man

Bass has been lost in the fold this offseason and probably would rather be on a team contending for the championship.  But guys love him in the locker room and he is really close with Rondo, Green, and Sully.  Expect Bass to be in a Celtics uniform for at least another year.


7) Gerald Wallace – Salary taker

Most do not want this guy on the roster, including me, but we have him for at least 3 more years if we can’t dump his salary on another team.  Don’t expect him to make an impact.


8) Marshon Brooks – Poor mans Jamal Crawford

The Celtics acutally drafted this guy, but quickly moved him to the Nets for JaJuan Johnson…that worked out, NOT! Brooks is currently a chucker with a bad attitude.  I hope he can change that perception and become a consistent scoring punch off the bench for the Celtics!


9) Courtney Lee – Back-up Combo Guard

Lee has a lot to prove to Celtics fans.  The guy had an underachieving season for the money he is making, and I expect him to prove his worth to us.  He’s an athetlic, undersized guard, who can give us good energy and three point shooting off the bench.


10) Shavilk Randolph – Rebounder!

Randolph didn’t get much time last year, but when he was given time, we saw that he can do one thing, really, really well…REBOUND!


11) Kris Humphries – Investment

Everyone hates Humphries, but the dude’s 11  million salary comes off the books for the Celtics next season and that will give us some room to sign FA’s and make blockbuster trades.  Expect him to play little.


12) Fab Melo – 12th man with potential

Melo is a shot blocking machine that has a lot to prove to management.  Although he has excelled in the D-League, the Celtics haven’t given him a real shot at making the 12 man roster.  I think this is the year he will make it and he will make a small impact this year on the team.


13) Colton Iverson – Hardworker

14) Kris Joseph – Celtics Nation will love this guy again!

15) DJ White – D-League

GUYS WHO MISSED THE CUT – Jordan Crawford, Chris Wilcox, Keith Bogans





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Hunter Thomas
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  1. Danny Ainge

    July 5, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    Also, we flopped in not signing Big Al.

  2. Danny Ainge

    July 5, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    If we sign Chris Paul, we will lead the league in assists.

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