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10 minute madness

How many times have you found yourself watching Euroleague basketball from home wishing you could have a stake in the action? Well, thanks for the leading European sports book, https://www.bwin.com, this is now a reality. With the launch of their new game, ‘10 Minute Madness’ viewers at home can interact with other fans, players and predict events all from their own home. This interactive game has been designed to work with multiple platforms. It can be downloaded free of charge to iOs and Android devices. This would include smartphones and tablet. Additionally, it will work on internet browsers.
With the ‘10 Minute Madness’ game, players can compete against one another as they make predictions about what will occur in each quarter of a game as it is being played. This is different than some forms of sport betting that are made prior to the event. With this new game, predictions are made real time with immediate feedback. Players can feel like there are almost there in person at the basketball arena.
When using the game, players earn points for correct predictions. Predictions can be made on a myriad of statistics that would occur in each quarter. This presents multiple opportunities to earn points. Points can then be converted to chances to win some coveted prizes. One of these includes a package of VIP Courtside tickets to London’s Euroleague Final Four event. Other prizes include jerseys autographed by players as well as regular season game tickets.
Players of ‘10 Minute Madness’ at home also have the opportunity to share this experience with others. By using the twitter hashtag, #makeyourplay, users of this game can interact with each other. Feel like bragging about your success? Here’s the place to do it. Another added bonus is that some of the biggest names in Euroleague basketball will chat with fans via Twitter as well.

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