Time For the True Celtics Fans to Step Up!

The Celtics are struggling through a four-game losing streak after impressively beating the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day on National TV!
Since then their defensive effort has been floundering resulting in double-digit losses to the Clippers, the Warriors, the Kings, and the Grizzlies.

In all of these games they gave up way too many points easily! The Celtics are known to be a tough team defensively so many are left wondering …”What happened?” and “should we forget about this year?”
The answer is No Way! Keep at it Celtics fans! If you remember last year there was a dismal west coast trip and the team finished one game short of the Finals. This is no time to hang your head Celtics’ fans! This is a time for us to root for our team and show them they have our support! So in short form… True fans need to step up!
On Friday January 4, 2012 the Indiana Pacers come into Boston to play! Longtime Celtics fans will remember current Indiana Pacers executive of the year….. Larry Bird otherwise known as The Legend.It will be difficult to beat any team that Larry Bird is involved in but the Celtics will have to do just that to get back above .500 and back into the playoff race!
The best part… truth be told is that there is a lot of time left in the season! Plenty of time for another playoff and title run. I’m sure this veteran-led team is well aware of that and know they don’t have much time left together as a core team. Furthermore, GM Danny Ainge is expected to make some trades/moves to bolster team defense! Paul Pierce, Rondo, Garnett are the remaining three from 2008 and have plenty of experience to bank on! Defensive-minded phenom

Avery Bradley is returning to the starting lineup.All these factors put together should put the Celtics in decent position to do well in the playoffs. First they have to buckle-down, play defense, and start gelling together. The Celtics don’t want more criticism they want our support. Time to step up, rally, and say Go Celtics Go!

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Hunter Thomas
As a lifetime New England sports fan, Hunter was determined in October of 2005 to finally start using that passion and determination to create the site now known as Celtics 24/7. Formerly known as Celtics Pride, Celtics 24/7 has become one of the most well-respected and followed Celtics websites. Our motto “For Fans, By Fans” rings entirely true as we’ve built and grown a community of passionate and enthusiastic Celtics fans. It all starts with you–the fans, and I appreciate every single person who supports us on our journey to the top.


  1. Pick and Pop

    January 8, 2013 at 12:01 am

  2. Brynae Hudson

    January 5, 2013 at 3:00 am

    Lego we could win this make it to finals we got faith n u

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