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Betting on the Boston Celtics


Currently the National Basketball Association season is in the middle of their season. As fans of the game follow their favourite teams, so do sports bettors. Whether they like the sport or not, basketball is currently one of the hottest sports for sports betting. For instance, many follow the Boston Celtics and place wagers on the results of their games. Some people may not want to bet on sports for a variety of reasons though. Some may be a little worried about tempting fate by doing so and others may be short of confidence when placing money on something so unpredictable. For those that fall into this category there are alternatives; the internet has not only given rise to online bookmakers along with the benefits there, but also online casinos.

As with the bookmakers, these casinos have reaped many of the benefits that the internet has brought us. You can research odds alongside the games you are playing in another tab and you don’t have to dress up smart and head out like you would if you were heading to a land-based casino. The range of games is just as big as well – all the classic casino card games are there such as Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack and the range of online slots machines is staggering, which brings us onto the reason sports fans may find a good alternative here. Many sites such as Gaming Club online casino have started to develop sports-based slots games. These games allow for a bit of light fun and escapism from the game if your team aren’t doing so well, and can be played at any time from your smartphone. This provides a nice escape at half time if needed and you can’t predict any second half turnarounds to put on at the online bookies.

If you’re not looking for an alternative though hopefully we can help. When betting on Celtics basketball sportsbooks found at online bookmakers will offer different kinds of bets. For those new to basketball betting knowing the differences is key. After all, if you place a type of wager that you do not understand, then you could potentially lose money.

Single bets can be placed on the Boston Celtics. This kind of bet uses a point spread to encourage wagers to be placed not only on the favoured team but the underdog as well. Simply reading the spread established can indicate which team is the favourite and which team is the underdog.

For instance, maybe for an upcoming game the online bookies have assigned a point spread value to Boston which is -8.5. On the other hand, their opponents, the Los Angeles Lakers may be assigned a value of +8.5. To level out the point spread, this means 8.5 needs to be taken off the score of the Celtics while 8.5 should be added to the score of the Lakers. Since the Celtics score is taken off, this means they are favoured to win.

If a sports bettor places their wager on the Boston Celtics, then this means they would have to defeat the Lakers by 9 points for the bettor to win. However, if they wish to bet on the underdog, the Lakers must win the game or lose by eight points or more. To find out a specific point spread for upcoming Boston Celtics game, check out the information found at an online bookmakers.

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