Of all the players that I believe will make the greatest impact on the success of this 2012-13 Celtics team, it’s got to be Jeff Green. I know it’s still early, and it’s a long 80+ game season ahead. But, I have been more than impressed with his overall effort on the court. And he seems to have a new found hunger for the game, because whether he is starting or coming off the bench…he has been utterly relentless. Having been quoted recently saying, “This has been a good start to my comeback.” Yes, Jeff that is an understatement. And by the way, WELCOME BACK!!!

Check out Jeff’s 2012-23 pre-season stats:  13.9 ppg  4.90 reb .  The fact is Jeff is averaging more ppg this pre-season (13.9) than his entire NBA career average (13.0). And he’s just getting warmed up. So, we know he’s capable of playing in this league, how good only time will tell. The double double he posted (12 pts, 10 rebs) in last night’s loss to the Sixers sealed the deal for me that Jeff is definitely back and he’s making a statement as to his value, first to his Celtic teammates then to the organization . Maybe he is that replacement to fill that BIG FOUR spot that Ray Allen relinquished.

As they prepare for the start of their NBA regular season October 30th against the defending champion Miami Heat, I’ll have my eye on several players as Doc looks to seal his playing rotation:

The veteran guard and former 6th Man of the Year, Jason Terry. Will he be that spark plug & instant offense the Celtics so desperately need coming off the bench?

The rookie Jared Sullinger, who’s game has risen above all expectations. How will he hold up over the course of the long NBA season?Physically? Mentally?

I’ve also got my eye on shooting guard Courtney Lee. Will he be a consistent play maker and scorer for the team?

And last but certainly not least, the pre-season star who’s stock is rising, Jeff Green. Is he the X factor for the Celtics, the one to step in and fill that leadership void left by Ray Allen? I guess we’ll have to tune in and see.

Rehema “TheEdutainer” Stephens


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Hunter Thomas
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