2012-13 Celtics Are On a Mission To Hoist Another Championship Banner

Last season, the Celtics season shockingly ended abruptly after folding to the eventual Champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Not that they didn’t make a good run. They came back from a difficult start and rolled through the playoffs looking like they were in good form. However, after some controversial contests with the Heat where there were a number of questionable calls they almost made it to the next stage…. a place that Celtics fans are more than familiar with…. the NBA Finals!!!!

The NBA finals and the subsequent Championship are well within reach and seems to be this year’s Celtics’ chief goal and mission. Led by experienced coaching veteran Doc Rivers, who many are pegging to be frontrunner as the next Olympic Coach, the Celtics are determined and will settle for nothing less than Title #18, maintaining their postion as the Basketball team with the most Championships!!!

In the aftermath of last year’s early exit from the playoffs, during a chaotic NBA shortened season, the Celtics would add many new players and reform their team while keeping their core group of players from 2008! They have Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and would have had Ray Allen if he decided to stay! In a move that made many waves, Ray Allen went to the Miami Heat. However, we thanks him for his time in Boston and he will be more than replaced by Incredible bench players like 3-point specialist Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley(who had a breakout performance season last year)! The Celtics will more than bounce back from the loss of Allen with these three fine players.

The player who must now rise as leader is the capable Rajon Rondo. Perhaps the most talented point-guard in the league. He is also enterring his prime playing years!! Media reports are accurate in saying….”It’s Rondo’s team now!” We look forward to what he can do and not only will Pierce, Garnett, and Co. be there for support but a much deeper bench with newly-acquired proven players will be there for relief! Under the experienced tutelage of former point guard and now Head Coach Doc Rivers Rondo has all that he needs to showcase what he can do on the hardwood!!! The Celtics will be counting on him.

In a postive leadership sign… Rondo called and organized practice scrimmages in L.A. during the off-season inviting many Celtics players to refine their skills while learning to play together. They even squeezed in a few fun flag-football sessions in between. Garnett and Rondo joked with each other about their newly-found prowess on the football field.

Well that’s the long(Garnett) and short(Rondo) of it… LOL! All in all the Celtics look to be fired up for another exciting championship run. With so many teams adding depth the NBA predictions won’t be as easy this year. Boston certainly has the experience, personnel, players, etc. It won’t be easy though. The fans will be there supporting their team like they always do. It’s Autumn time in New England and that means the end of baseball while we transition inside the gym to Basketball. Did I mention first regular season game is a re-match against the Miami Heat on Tuesday Night October 30, 2012? I can hardly wait.

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Hunter Thomas
As a lifetime New England sports fan, Hunter was determined in October of 2005 to finally start using that passion and determination to create the site now known as Celtics 24/7. Formerly known as Celtics Pride, Celtics 24/7 has become one of the most well-respected and followed Celtics websites. Our motto “For Fans, By Fans” rings entirely true as we’ve built and grown a community of passionate and enthusiastic Celtics fans. It all starts with you–the fans, and I appreciate every single person who supports us on our journey to the top.
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1 Comment

  1. L T

    October 30, 2012 at 5:12 am

    Yes,celtics should be in the mix. East finals even possible tittle. It would be nice to see. Boston will miss Allen thought. I don’t agree that he was more than replaced with terry,lee,Bradley. All good player but their no Allen . On or off the court!

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