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NBA Recap: Celtics Sign and Trade for Courtney Lee

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The Celtics offseason of reloading is continuing, and every passing day, the C’s look like serious contenders to knock off the Heat. They almost did it with a busted up, old and injured roster last season. With the addition of Lee and all the other players they have added, the Celtics look like NBA odds favorites for next season. Even though the Heat will still be the favorites to win the East, the Celtics will be right behind them.

After a great draft and start to free agency, the Celtics were not yet content with their roster. They lost Ray Allen, and even though they signed Jason Terry away from the Mavs, the Celtics needed a starting 2-guard while Avery Bradley is recovering from double shoulder surgery.

Many a team was after Lee, but the Celtics came in with an offer the Rockets could not refuse. Boston sent a second round pick, (originally owned by Charlotte) JaJuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore and Sean Williams to the Rockets. The C’s got Lee and the Blazers acted as the facilitator in the deal, as they sent Jon Diebler to Houston, and got back Sasha Pavlovic.

The C’s backcourt is now stacked. They have Rondo, Terry, Lee and Bradley. They will most likely add a backup point guard before the season, but either way, Lee gives them quality scoring and pretty good defense as well. Plus, he is still only 26, which makes the Celtics a lot younger. I’ll make the bold statement of the century, and say the Celtics will win the East this season! Take that Miami!

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