Boston Celtics NBA Trade Report

The Celtics are another NBA team that didn’t quite have enough to compete with the Miami Heat this season, and they are trying to reload their roster for one last run at a title. They have had multiple pieces added and subtracted, so let’s take a look at what the 2012-2013 Celtics will look like, and whether they look like a team that can compete with the Heat in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics aren’t getting a lot of love from NBA odds makers, but that might change soon.

The Celtics–as they normally do—started with the draft to improve their team. They had back-to-back picks in the first round, and they got two good and young big men. They got the undervalued Jared Sullinger and a good defensive center in Fab Melo. Both will have solid frontcourt roles backing up Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass, who both re-signed.

The Celtics did lose Ray Allen to the Heat, but they have been trying to trade him for almost two seasons, so that doesn’t surprise me that much. However, they did add Jason Terry, who will fill that void nicely. They also were able to bring back Jeff Green, who had his season shortened last year because of a heart condition. If he and the rest of the Celtics can come together this is a team that can beat Miami. I can say that with confidence.

They still have some holes to fill. Green hasn’t officially signed, but it looks as if he will. Boston could still use some help at shooting guard, and they might need a back up point guard. They have been getting good play in the summer league from young guys, so that may fill those needs. Either way, Boston should be looked at as almost as big a favorite to win the East as Miami.

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Hunter Thomas
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  1. G


    You forget to mention Lee! Great pick up

  2. CelticRon


    If the Celtics are looking for a young player to fill the role of shooting guard and possible back-up to Rondo, how about Jimmer Fredette. The Kings have a bunch of guards and are looking to shed one. For some reason, the coach just doesn’t see Jimmer fitting in on what he wants (a team that focuses on their big men instead of winning games as a team – the celtic way). I think Jimmer would fit in the budget and fill some of our needs.

  3. the rat


    celtics should sign greg odgen, sit him until he is healthy and let garnett teach him the game.

  4. charlie


    Maybe there is some hope for the upcoming season, I’m not sure. At least we shouldn’t be embarrased. It probably depends on how the young guys do and whether Doc will let them develop.

  5. If they can secure a solid backup point guard and another a backup shooting guard. They are going to be to favorite along with the Heat.

    Sullinger is looking like a steal from the draft.

    Good job Greenies!!!

  6. I forgot about the C’s. I thought they were done when Allen left, but on second thought, their core hasn’t really diminish with the addition of J Terry. And with J Green coming back from injury, it’s like they have acquired a very solid PF/SF to strengthen their bench.

    I agree with you that this current C’s although as year older, is still one of the best teams in the east.

  7. TFlo


    The C’s did a great job in getting some nice pieces to make a run. I truly feel that they should have made a run at Dwight Howard. Can you imagine KG and DH together.

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