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Game 6: "End It Tonight"

Game six preview  Celtics heat

Game Six is less than four hours away as I write this quick blog to get you ready for the game tonight. If you have been reading blogs or listening to local radio, talk is that this series is over. Well I have news for you people this series is far from over and tonight will be no cake walk. Expect Lebron and Wade’s A game tonight along with a lot more Chris Bosh. What the Celtics need to do tonight is keep feeding KG inside to open up chances for Paul and Rondo to take it to the hoop and which will spread the floor for open shots for Ray and others. What will ultimately win this game for the Celtics tonight is of course what they have thrived on the past 5 years with this team is defense as well as staying out of foul trouble and having the big 4 all in the game at the end. Its all about playing all out tonight treating this like game 7 because you do not want to give this Heat team any sign of life. Jump all over them early and keep the game in your control and at your pace all night long, from opening whistle to the final buzzer “End It tonight”!!!

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