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Pietrus Injury Update

Friday night was a night too familiar to the Celtics.  After seeing Marquis Daniels go down to a spinal injury last season, the Celtics saw another teammate leave a basketball court on a stretcher.

The initial reports concluded Mickael Pietrus had suffered a questionable closed head injury and would remain over night in a Philadelphia-area hospital:

“It looked awful,” Doc said. “I saw it immediately — I didn’t think he hit his head, I wasn’t sure, but I just saw his neck snap, so you knew that was bad. Obviously, he was throwing up on the floor, so that wasn’t very good either.”

Around 12:30 Saturday morning, news broke that Pietrus will NOT remain in the hospital over night, which is some good news.

Prays for a speedy recover to an integral part of the Celtics team: