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Latest News on Two Celtics Injuries

Some good news when it comes to the Celtics and their injury news: Ray Allen was on board the Celtics flight to Minnesota on Thursday.  Allen is still listed as a game-time decision, yet knowing he made the trip brings some home he will be able to give it ago Friday night versus the Wolves.

Allen has missed the last four games due to right ankle soreness that flared last Wednesday in Milwaukee. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he underwent an MRI on Saturday and that was negative, but Allen simply hasn’t been able to get back on the floor. He participated in shootaround before Wednesday’s game against the Utah Jazz, but Rivers noted he simply didn’t feel right and was held out again.

Now, onto the “I don’t know news” in terms of Mickael Pietrus concussion.  Danny Ainge made an appearance on WEEI on Thursday with a Mickael Pietrus update and when he may be up to returning:

“He still has concussion symptoms and until he’s asymptomatic, no headaches and no sensitivity to light, we won’t even be able to test him,” Ainge said. “The league has implemented new procedures once he becomes asymptotic and he’s not there yet, although he is improving each day.”

“I anticipate within the week that he’ll start getting tested and get back to practice,” Ainge continued. “I don’t know how long that process goes either. We’re not in a rush to get him back as much as we want him to come back and be healthy. I think we’ll know more in the next four or five days.”

Considering how scary the Pietrus injury was, knowing he will most likely make it back onto the court to battle with his teammates is incredibly good news.

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