Celtics Trade Rumors and Speculation

1 more week. 1 more week. 1 more week. Thankfully, we will only have to suffer through trade rumors and speculation for only one more week with the trade deadline on March 15th.

The Celtics are prepared to entertain offers for Paul Pierce, whose subtraction from the Boston core would be the most advantageous to the post-Big Three rebuilding effort given his age (34) and the $32 million he’s owed over the next two seasons. And for those same reasons, he’ll be the most difficult of Boston’s top four players to move. TheClippers, indeed, have interest in Ray Allen, but little in the way of movable salary to make a deal work. Rival executives believe Celtics president Danny Ainge would have to be blown away by an offer to move point guard Rajon Rondo. – Ken Berger

To me, Pierce and Rondo will be the hardest to trade.  A Pierce trade would involve a great deal of emotions, but the question is: Will Danny move the face of the Celtics for the past decade?  He did trade Perkins last season, which no one was expecting.  But Pierce is Pierce, and that would take a whole lot of guts to agree to a trade.  Rondo is such an unique player that what you get in return would not likely equal the talent of Rondo.    Allen is still Allen.  And KG is still a fierce KG that has added another dimension to his game by playing center.   Allen and KG will come off the books this summer, anyway.

Doc doesn’t expect any “big splashes” of a trade to happen before the deadline, acknowledging Danny set the roster up to enable flexibilty this summer:

“I don’t expect anything big to come down and I wouldn’t be shocked if nothing came down” – Doc on WEEI

For all the talk in regards to Rondo and his relationships, if the players were sick of him, would they really be questioning WHY Rondo would be traded?

“We are going to make changes. I don’t think we have to make them this trade deadline. We saw this coming. Danny Ainge is a great GM and we all saw it coming. We know this summer we’ll be able to get under the cap, we’ll be able to do a lot of moves. This could be one of the best drafts of the last 10-15 years. There’s time. ” – Doc on ESPN Radio

There is NO NEED to trade someone just to trade someone when essentially the players would be off the books come this summer.

Jackie MacMullan also talked Celtics’ trade speculation this morning on WEEI:

Unless the Celtics get a young stud/draft pick for an old vet, don’t expect a trade.


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Hunter Thomas
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  1. Devonte


    C`s trade Pietrus,Bradley, & 1st round pick to Philly for E.Turner by tomorrow or Saturday. C`s trade Moore and Dooling to Golden State for N.Robinson by tomorrow. C`s trade Wilcox to Cleveland for R.Hollins and trade Johnson to Sacramento for JJ Hickson by tomorrow. C`s sign E.House,W.Chandler, and L.Powe for 1 year. C`s trade Daniels,Pavlovic, and 2nd round pick to Miami for J.Jones. C`s need a scoring bench to be in the top 5 of the East and compete with Miami and Chicago.

  2. JCH


    If the Celtics trade Pierce I’m pretty much done supporting the team until they fire Danny Ainge. Getting rid of Ainge would be the best move the Celts could make going into the 2012 season.

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