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Bye JO

Credit: ESPN (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images)

So, Jermaine O’Neal will not be returning the Celtics this season, but it’s NOT because he will be bought out and re-sign with the Miami heat.  The Celtics announced this afternoon that JO has opted for surgery on his wrist and will be forced to sit out the remainder of the season.  This surgery could also be career ending considering his age.

The wrist has not responded to immobilization and physical therapy, and the decision was made to proceed with surgery.

“Jermaine worked hard to get himself in condition to play this season despite his ongoing wrist issues,” said Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. “He played through pain the entire year and gave us all he could, but unfortunately after the fall against Dallas there simply wasn’t anything else he could do. We appreciate his contributions to our team over the last two years.”

Originally, JO was brought in to back-up Kendrick Perkins and Shaq. However, Perkins was traded away and Shaq missed a great deal of last season to an Achilles problem.  JO was forced into the starting role, a role the team didn’t intend him to me in.   JO as the starter was all kinda of trouble and I assume most Celtics’ fans will happily move on from the Jermaine O’Neal as the Celtics starting center plan (which we sorta have, considering Garnett now plays the 5).

So see ya later O’Neal, it’s like we hardly knew you!

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