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Rondo Replaces Stephen Curry in NBA Skills Challenge


Rajon Rondo will have more responsibility representing the Boston Celtics this All-Star weekend as he has been chosen to fill in for Stephen Curry in the Taco Bell NBA Skills Challenge. Curry, the defending champion, is out with a strained tendon in his right foot.

Rondo will be competing against¬†Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving, San Antonio’s Tony Parker, Washington’s John Wall, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, and New Jersey’s Deron Williams. For those who don’t know, the challenge consists of dribbling, passing, and shooting obstacles which add up to a test of overall fundamentals.

I really think Rondo will win this competition. The competition has been around since 2003 and for those who have watched it know that the participants usually don’t take it too seriously and go half speed. Then there is always the couple guys who go hard. I really think Rondo will be one of those guys who go 100% and win this thing. People have been questioning Rondo’s ability all season, and I think he’s going to use this to help quiet some of that talk by winning the competition. It’ll also be a great boost to his confidence, which Celtics Nation knows he desperately needs.

The only thing that will prevent Rondo from winning the crown will be the jump shot. If he knocks that down I think he will take it with ease, but I’m already cringing at the possibility of him coming out and bricking five in a row. Good Luck Rondo!

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