Rondo Proves Critics Wrong

I, for one, would like to give Rondo a standing O after his triple-double performance Sunday vs. the Bulls. In 40 minutes of play, Rondo scored 32 points.  He shot 50% from the field and made 10-13 FT, with 4 of them coming at the end of the game.  To complete his triple-double, he had 10 rebounds and 15 assists.  Not only was Rondo attacking and shooting, he was also getting his teammates involved.

For one, Rondo rebounded from a BRUTAL game on Friday with one of the best statistical game of his career.  Secondly, Rondo NEEDS to be aggressive.  If the Celtics get a consistently aggressive Rondo, there’s no reason why they can’t build around him in the future (which “rumors” have been saying the Celtics don’t want to do).  Also, in terms of this season, in order to go anywhere in the playoffs, they need to count of Rondo to be aggressive both scoring and passing.  The team goes as Rondo goes.  It truly is time for Rondo to become the leader and star of the big 4, because within the next few years (if he is still here), he may be the only “star.”

Following the game, Rondo didn’t speak to the media, but his teammates spoke highly of #9

“When he’s assertive, aggressive, the way he plays, the way he played tonight, we’re a tough team to stop. When he’s out in transition, pushing the ball, taking the shots right there — the mid range — rebounding, he’s all energy. He’s one of those guys when he plays with a lot of energy, he’s so tough because he can rebound the ball well. When he pushes off the break he’s tough to stop in transition. He just did it all tonight. He was great to watch.” – Paul Pierce

“Nine [Rondo] was active today, man; I loved it. I love the fact that he came out and he set the tone. And I thought he got guys involved and he was all over the place. When we win big, man, it’s because the little fella is aggressive like that. I told him after tonight’s game that I was proud of him. He had a bit of a rough day or whatever, but he played through it, he was professional, and I thought he came out and played with that edge. Any time he’s got that, that makes everybody’s job easier.” -KG

“When things don’t go well, it can bother him. So I said, ‘When you do well, you’ve got to enjoy that moment as well.’ So hopefully he can enjoy this moment.” – Keyon Dooling

This game proved Rondo IS an all-star (and it doesn’t matter if he missed games), he SHOULD be in Orlando.  Although, Rose was out, there’s no reason why Rondo isn’t considered one of the top PGs (I know ESPN recently did a Top 5 PG segment and Rondo wasn’t in it). Want to make the games more interesting by betting on sports? Bet on basketball today!

Matt Moore, in his post-game article, has had ENOUGH and says RONDO IS AWESOME!

Rajon Rondo continues to be involved in trade discussions. This is madness, and it is not Sparta. Rondo is a prolific player in this league and makes everyone around him better. His jumper’s not great. You know, that same shot most of the big men in this league don’t have and half the time we scream at perimeter players for taking anyway. He creates, and creates, and creates. He deserves more credit.

Following the game, his performance brought up a lot of Rondo-related tweets:


So, can we PLEASE stop saying that the Celtics CAN”T build around Rondo.


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