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It's Raining Threes!


No one would be surprised if Ray, Pierce, or even Pietrus (who I’ll write about in a post later this week) was pictured with the words 3 pointers.   But Kevin Garnett, in the last 3 games, is perfect from beyond the arc (3-3).  You may say “small sample” size. But heck, who cares!  And KG, yeah, he wants you to wipe that surprise look off your face each time he drains a 3 pointer like Ray Allen.

Friday night he told everyone he didn’t want to become the next Rasheed Wallace.  But Sunday, he drained another 3 pointer.  Following today’s game, he chatted with reporters about his butter-like stroke from a distance this season:

“Don’t get used to that y’all. It’s not even that. Man, listen, I can shoot 3’s. OK? We need to cut this, alright? Because I don’t want no more questions about this — I can shoot 3’s, alright? You’re all acting like I’m 50 and I’m out here on one leg and a cane. Some nights are better than others. I’m human, I mess up. I make mistakes. But I can shoot 3’s.”

He explains he doesn’t take many 3 because he plays alongside some player named Ray Allen? Yeah I heard he’s pretty good 3 point shooter.

“I can shoot 3’s. Look do not get all, ‘Shoot a 3!’ I don’t want that. You know how [the fans] used to do it with [Brian Scalabrine]. ‘Shoooooot!’ No, don’t do that; Don’t do that to me. I’m not on the Celtics to be out here shooting 3’s. I am here to do other things, not shoot 3’s. But I can shoot 3’s, OK.

So everyone got that? KG can shoot 3s and pick up your jaw off the floor when he does!


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  1. Stephen Varnum

    February 6, 2012 at 12:56 am

    he’s 3 for 3 in the season and has had one each in the last three games…I LOVE IT, big man is expanding his already great range

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