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If you’re a Celtics fan and you’re in the Greater Boston area (and beyond), you’ll be hoping to score some tickets to Celtics games at the TD Garden. There are certain dates on the Celtics schedule that all true Celts fans look for; the rivalries they enjoy with other NBA teams. Everyone knows the C’s arch-enemy is the LA Lakers, and Celtics Lakers tickets are always difficult to find. Other big rivalries are with the Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers, plus other teams like the the Indiana Hawks, the Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers.

To help you find the best Celtics games to buy tickets for, we’ve put together this little list, featuring all the home games the Celtics play against their main rivals in this 2012 season. Many people think the Celtics are an ageing machine that needs some new parts, but I prefer to think of them as a team in transition. At the time of writing, the Celts are on a winning streak that’s seen them triupmh in eight of their last nine games. Their sluggish start to the season is being slowly erased, with Kevin Garnett being the only ever-present in the team. Personally I think they should replace their leprachaun logo with a picture of a crazed mutant sloth, a fifty foot beast that drops down from the trees and chews some weird stimulant leaves that make it run through the streets bouncing the huge steel ball from off of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. But, I digress. The reason for my insanity is that this week the Celtics are playing the Lakers, the Hollywood bandwagon team for any wannabe celeb west of the Rockies. I feel this is a tough one. We’ve been making up lost ground impressively but these purple and yellow devils could potentially derail our little resurgence. The Lakers haven’t been very successful outside the Staples Center this season, so hopefully the cold air of Beantown will chill their vitals and make them feel very small. This week, Kobe Bryant passed Shaq on the all-time scoring list, and it’s no wonder Shaq once endorsed Bryant as the Greatest Laker of All Time. But Shaq’s no longer active, having seen out the last of his spark playing for the Green, and now sat firmly in the booth, reliving the glories of his larger-than-life NBA career. This week the big man will be espousing his Shaqology, the Gospel of the anti-backboard abuser, the loud voice of the ranting giant who stripped the ball off of the toughest opponents like they were toddlers on tour. This week, when the Celtics vs. Lakers bonanza is underway, who will Shaq be shouting for? Or is that a silly question. Fact is, we’re up against it here, but if we keep pressing, the Boston Celtics will triumph. Let’s hope, kids…

By Ian

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