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Stiemsma To The Rescue….Maybe Not

Greg Stiemsma

I almost laugh every time I say his name and coming into training camp I had no idea who this guy was and though he would just get cut along with the other camp invites. Boy was I wrong, as Doc kept him on the roster with the lack of Centers on the roster and Jermaine O’Neal almost certain to get injured at some point during the year. Doc along with Danny and the rest of the coaching staff seen something in this 26 year old journeyman from Wisconsin who was the D league defensive player of the year last season. We all like what he brings to the table so far this season in six games but lets not make this guy out to be the next Bill Russell.(although a certain color guy on CSNNE has compared him to the great number 6, he is also the same guy who said Vin Baker was the best low post player the Celtics have had since McHale, I will not mention names) We need to wait and see when he goes up against some of the heavyweights like the Tyson Chandler’s and Dwight Howard’s of the world to really see what this guy has. For now I am going to say he is a nice fit for this Celtics team but lets not go overboard here.



  1. JD

    January 4, 2012 at 11:22 am

    In that color guy’s defense he only compared his timing and did not say he was or will be as good as Russell. It was only one aspect of his game.

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