Your Move, Danny.

Fine, I’ll write about it. I will write about how ridiculous this “CP3” mega-rumor is. When word got out that Danny Ainge was open to trading Rajon Rondo in exchange for Chris Paul the fanbase of the Boston Celtics had plenty to be excited about. We all love Rondo and also agree that he is a detriment offensively. It remains to be seen with hands and arms too long for his build if he’ll ever be able to harness a consistent shooting threat.

But now? I’m not sold (not that I work in the front office) on the idea of Chris Paul. Let me tell you why.

I fully understand the “one more shot at a title” complex, however, is a point guard the answer? A team hampered by easily injured veterans and thin at the center position is going to win because of Chris Paul? That’s crazy talk, as it currently stands. And if that’s not asinine enough for you, maybe what the Celtics are offering in return will raise your eyebrows:

Rajon Rondo. Oh, ya know, he was the future of this franchise yesterday.

Jeff Green. Just the future small forward who was supposed to take over after Paul Pierce retired. In case we forgot, Danny shipped off our beloved Kendrick Perkins just to get this kid and a center who is playing in Russia.

Avery Bradley & E’Twaun Moore. Okay, I won’t lose sleep over this, but that puts us at four living, breathing human beings for ONE player in return. New York Knicks the Sequel.

A first-round pick. Once again, no harm done here.

*I also don’t want to brush over the fact that Boston has now become the worst place on planet Earth to play basketball, apparently. It’s not warm enough, not South Beach or Hollywood enough. You would rather play for a team as old as I am and a coach who could be your cousin than share the rafters with Bill Russell and learn from one of four coaches who are actually respected in the league? What is this? The beach and spotlight is now more important than a legacy, i.e. Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and more than likely, Dwight Howard.

For a star point guard who has claimed unwilling to sign an extension you give up two players who were once “the future”. Much like relationships, though, things change very quickly and Danny Ainge may once again have something up his sleeve that the media is unaware of.

It has been made news that Marquis Daniels has been (or is in the process of being) re-acquired by the Celtics. He plays the same position as Jeff Green and did well when healthy in Doc Rivers’ system. This could mean that progress is being made on a 3-team trade that involves Rondo, Green, back-up point guards and a first-round pick in order to land Chris Paul. Let’s hope it also means we get a center capable of rebounding and defending. (And in some distant land Dwight Howard has talked to Doc Rivers at his home in Winter Park and told him that if they get CP3, he’ll stay in Orlando until his contract is up and go to the Celtics in 2012. Hahahahaha. That’s funny). Don’t get me wrong, if the Celtics do end up getting Chris Paul and acquire complementary pieces to alleviate the starters in this short, compact season, I will be a happy fan. If his knee decides to function as healthy knees do, we should be ecstatic. But if we give up all of this and find ourselves anywhere short of the Finals, there will be fanship hell to pay.

All right, Danny, your move.

Update: I tweeted Ric Bucher and although he won’t reply, the tweet sent out at 10:33 p.m. PST and 1:33 a.m. EST was this:

“Since someone else also asked: I’d put $ on CP3 being in California on Christmas. I like to have the odds stacked in my favor when I bet.”

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Hunter Thomas
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  2. Mandy B.

    December 8, 2011 at 2:47 am

    I agree about the loaded draft but as far as trading a draft pick for a future player to get someone who has been established as one of the league’s best it is comparably not that big of an issue.

  3. Ron Campbell

    December 8, 2011 at 2:38 am

    The first rounder is huge, this years draft is loaded. Worst case scenario is come July we have no CP3, no draft pick, no Rondo, no Perk.

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