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Jeff Green Out For Season

From RealGM.com:

Jeff Green will miss the entire 2011-12 season after a heart ailment known as an aortic aneurysm was discovered on a routine medical exam.

The condition will require surgery but Celtics doctors say Green will be able to resume his career next season.

The surgical procedure will be performed on January 9.

ESPNBoston is reporting that Green’s one-year, $9 million contract is expected to be voided as a result of this health problem. Boston would retain his rights.

This is very sad news. I hope Jeff Green a full and speedy recovery. Hopefully you will be a member of this team next season.

Even worse is that I have already heard people talking about “The Trade” last season and how this makes it an even worse trade. To that I say get your priorities straight people! We are talking about a young man’s health and you’re worrying about badmouthing a basketball trade. There are appropriate times to ridicule players and their worth to a team, but now is not it.

Everyone keep Jeff Green in their thoughts and prayers. Get well soon, Jeff!

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