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Do We Retire Kevin Garnett's and Ray Allen's Numbers?

When an article contains the three words “by Adam Goodman” beneath its title, one can safely assume the contents will include an aura of “my opinion is fact” laced between the lines.   But hell, if I didn’t think I was correct in all aspects of the topic, why in the world would I want to write about it?
What the hell are you getting at?

The point is, the issue on sending KG’s and Ray Allen’s numbers to the rafters is a debate that even a sharp-shooter such as myself is too timid to take a stance on.  Currently, as all marginally aware Celtics fans know, the Celtics hang 17 championship banners from the rafters, and allow 19 retired numbers of former players to grace the TD Garden’s  ceiling.  Only two of the retired numbers belong to players who were not on championship teams, one belonging to Reggie Lewis (memorial to his tragic passing during an off-season practice) and the other to Ed McCauley (traded for Bill Russell, basically paved the way towards 11 NBA championships).  While Garnett and Allen each have one Celtic championship respectively, each of the remaining 17 players played on at least two championship teams and spent 7 or more seasons in a Boston uniform.


The Boston Celtics have been anything but stingy when it comes to retiring numbers.  While many franchises only retire the numbers of players synonymous with their teams and cities, Boston has taken pride in how the city and franchise uniquely touches its basketball players.  “Once a Celtic, always a Celtic” is a cliche Bostonians love to use in description of their favorite short-tenured player.  Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen undoubtedly changed the face of the Celtics franchise in the 21st Century.  Although obviously this feat couldn’t have been done without a certain number 34 and a crafty general manager, turning a 24-win team into a champion over the course of a year is an accomplishment that will forever stand alone in the storied history of the Boston Celtics.

There’s a very good chance this Celtics team has had its last chance at an NBA championship.  Retiring the numbers of Garnett and Allen is the ultimate honor to bestow upon them, but even if not, the two men will have a permanent star in the timeline of Celtics history.  The argument is valid on both side of the debate, so you decide.

Do Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen deserve to have their numbers hanging from the TD Garden’s rafters?

P.S. If it were up to me, Perk’s number would be retired.  [Never43Forget]