2011 NBA Mock Draft: Version 2.0

With the 2011 NBA Draft now just under two weeks away, I figured it would be a good time to update the first mock draft I published two and a half weeks ago. Not many changes in the top-10 of my mock, but after that there is plenty of shake up. Let’s take a look!

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving – G, Duke

Some mocks out there are getting a big crazy and predicting a couple other players at the top spot, but I don’t think the Cavaliers will look anywhere else outside of Irving.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams – F, Arizona

He may not fit a need for Minnesota, but he is arguably the best player in this draft. David Kahn would then need to look at moving Michael Beasley or Anthony Randolph to fill other gaping holes.

3. Utah Jazz: Brandon Knight – G, Kentucky

Time to start phasing out Devin Harris as the starting point guard of this team. I don’t think that Knight is a top-3 player in this draft right now, but he certainly has the size, potential and big-play ability to be the gem of this class.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter – F/C, Kentucky

Has been looking very good in workouts and is a dark-horse to be selected first overall in this draft. If the Cavaliers were to do that, they would assume that Brandon Knight would be available here.

5. Toronto Raptors: Jan Vesely – F, Czech Republic

The only way GM Bryan Colangelo doesn’t go international with this pick is if Brandon Knight is still on the board. Vesely gives them great size and athleticism at either of the forward spots and should allow for a more uptempo game for the Raptors.

Pick in Previous Mock: Jonas Valanciunas

6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard – F, San Diego State

With Josh Howard on his last leg, Kawhi Leonard would be a significant upgrade at the small forward position. He has been great in workouts over the past month and Washington fans should be plenty pleased with this selection.

7. Sacramento Kings: Kemba Walker – G, Connecticut

The national champion point guard is looking to be a lock to go no lower than No. 7 as the Kings really like what they see from him. A Tyreke Evans-Kemba Walker back court would be very entertaining to watch.

8. Detroit Pistons: Jonas Valanciunas – C, Lithuania

The Pistons desperately need to upgrade their front court and Valanciunas is a large, long big that lives around the rim. His workman-like work ethic will be fully appreciated in Detroit.

Pick in Previous Mock: Jan Vesely

9. Charlotte Bobcats: Marcus Morris – F, Kansas

Michael Jordan and the Bobcats need someone who can contribute right away, especially after dealing away Gerald Wallace. Marcus Morris has looked great in workouts and can play both the small and power forward positions. His offensive repertoire has steadily grown over the years and is a legitimate rebounder.

Pick in Previous Mock: Bismack Biyombo

10. Milwaukee Bucks: Alec Burks – G, Colorado

The Bucks need serious help at the shooting guard position. Alec Burks is the best shooting guard in the draft. Seems to be an easy pick for the Bucks.

11. Golden State Warriors: Chris Singleton – F, Florida State

New head coach Mark Jackson said that the Warriors will pride themselves on defense. They have two of the best scoring guards in the league in Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis already. Rumors have the Warriors moving Ellis, but Jackson said he can’t wait to coach him. Assuming Ellis is still in Golden State, Singleton could be a step in the right direction for this club to make the playoffs.

Pick in Previous Mock: Tristan Thompson

12. Utah Jazz: Klay Thompson – G, Washington State

If Singleton is still on the board, that’s who the Jazz will take. With him going the pick before, Utah bolsters their back court yet again, pairing Brandon Knight, the second best point guard in the draft, with the second best shooting guard in the draft in Klay Thompson. This team hasn’t had a legitimate difference maker at this position in years and should be a welcomed addition.

Pick in Previous Mock: Chris Singleton

13. Phoenix Suns: Jordan Hamilton – G/F, Texas

Here’s a list of the shooting guards and small forwards on the Suns roster: Jared Dudley, Grant Hill, Mikael Pietrus, Vince Carter, Josh Childress. That swing man position is in desperate need of a makeover and Hamilton adds a versatile scorer to a roster that is getting old fast.

14. Houston Rockets: Markieff Morris – F, Kansas

With the uncertainty behind Yao Ming’s career, the Rockets look to add a legitimate big man. “The Other Morris” is more of a post player and a better rebounder and should battle Patrick Patterson and Jordan Hill for backup duties at the power forward and center positions.

Pick in Previous Mock: Marcus Morris

15. Indiana Pacers: Jimmer Fredette – G, Brigham Young University

The Pacers desperately need a scorer at the shooting guard position and Fredette can do just that. He’s got the best jump shot in the entire draft and has enough handles to run a little point guard if needed. Jimmer could quickly become a crowd favorite in Indiana.

Pick in Previous Mock: Klay Thompson

16. Philadelphia 76ers: Bismack Biyombo – F/C, Congo

Philadelphia could really use an infusion of tenacity on the glass and in the paint on defense and Biyombo fits the bill. This is perhaps the lowest he would go in the draft. If the rumors come true and Andre Iguodala is dealt away, then the small forward position becomes first priority for this team in the draft.

Pick in Previous Mock: Markieff Morris

17. New York Knicks: Marshon Brooks – G, Providence

Since the end of the college basketball season, there may not be another player that has raised their stock as much as Brooks. He’s got all the measurables and skills to be a very good player in the league and the Knicks could use a reliable scorer at the shooting guard position with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brooks ends up in the lottery when it is all said and done on draft night.

Pick in Previous Mock: Josh Selby

18. Washington Wizards: Tobias Harris – F, Tennessee

After already taking Kawhi Leonard in the draft, the Wizards pair him up with Tobias Harris. Harris can play both the small and power forward positions and would be an interesting addition to the bench backing up both Leonard and Andray Blatche.

Pick in Previous Mock: Jimmer Fredette

19. Charlotte Bobcats: Kenneth Faried – F, Morehead State

The Bobcats could use a legit center prospect, but there aren’t any worth taking at this position unless they want to reach a little bit. Charlotte pairs up Marcus Morris with the best rebounder in all of college basketball last season in Kenneth Faried. His relentless motor will set the tone off the bench for this Bobcats team.

Pick in Previous Mock: Donatas Motiejunas

20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Donatas Motiejunas – F, Lithuania

With the Timberwolves already selecting one of the safest and best players in the draft in Derrick Williams, they can afford to take a risk on a potential dynamic scorer in Donatas Motiejunas. He has the skill set of Andrea Bargnani with more athleticism and less range on his jumper.

Pick in Previous Mock: Marshon Brooks

21. Portland Trailblazers: Darius Morris – G, Michigan

With Andre Miller looking to be close to retirement or on the way out by way of trade or free agency, time to start thinking about his replacement. The Blazers could go with Darius Morris, who is compared to none other than Andre Miller by most experts. He’s got excellent size and may be the only pure point guard in the entire draft.

Pick in Previous Mock: Kenneth Faried

22. Denver Nuggets: Nikola Vucevic – C, USC

With the possibility of Nene leaving, the Nuggets need to bolster their front line. Vucevic measured out as a legitimate center prospect for the league and has been playing great in workouts so far. He’ll never be a good athlete, but his size, length and skills will more than make up for it.

Pick in Previous Mock: Tobias Harris

23. Houston Rockets: Nikola Mirotic – F, Serbia

After drafting Markieff Morris earlier in the round, the Rockets need to address the small forward position. Mirotic has got all the skills to translate well to the NBA, but needs some work. His contract may hinder him from coming to America for a season or two, but Houston probably would not mind seeing him gain experience overseas while not paying him.

Pick in Previous Mock: Nikola Vucevic

24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Lucas Nogueira – C, Brazil

Is there any chance that Sam Presti doesn’t go international with this pick? With the third youngest team in the league, the Thunder can afford to take a player and stash them overseas for a season or two. Nogueira is a big, long and active defender that can be an immediate shot blocker in the league, but his offense is a long way from being respectable.

Pick in Previous Mock: Nikola Mirotic

25. Boston Celtics: Jeremy Tyler – C, USA

The Celtics desperately need to add big men to this roster with Shaquille O’Neal retiring and Nenad Krstic signing with a team in Russia. Jeremy Tyler has had an interesting path to this year’s draft, but he has got the upside to become a very good player with some development. He seems to be maturing in the eyes of NBA GM’s as he has reportedly had some great interviews.

Pick in Previous Mock: Jordan Williams

26. Dallas Mavericks: Tyler Honeycutt – G, UCLA

Deshawn Stevenson is arguably the worst starter in the entire league. Honeycutt would be an instant upgrade at the position. He is a very good shooter and uses his great length to his advantage on defense.

27. New Jersey Nets: Josh Selby – G, Kansas

Selby looked great early on in workouts, but reportedly hasn’t been as good as Marshon Brooks or Klay Thompson. He seems to be falling in the first round, but should find a spot in the top thirty picks.

Pick in Previous Mock: JaJuan Johnson

28. Chicago Bulls: Reggie Jackson – G, Boston College

An injury has kept Reggie Jackson from fully participating in pre-draft camps and workouts, but the Bulls could use some depth at both the point guard and shooting guard positions. Jackson is freakishly long and is a dangerous scorer. He’s also got enough handles to allow Derrick Rose to play off the ball at times.

Pick in Previous Mock: Davis Bertans

29. San Antonio Spurs: JaJuan Johnson – F, Purdue

With Tim Duncan slowing down and Antonio McDyess retiring, the Spurs need to add some depth at the power forward and center positions. Johnson is a long, athletic big man with great athleticism and a respectable face-up game. He could be a great compliment for Duncan and could become a very good role player in the league.

Pick in Previous Mock: Jeremy Tyler

30. Chicago Bulls: Trey Thompkins – F, Georgia

Thompkins is a big man (6-10, 239 pounds) that has an inside-out game. He can do damage on the block and can stretch the defense with his jump shot. Will add yet even more depth to one of he best front courts in the entire league.

Pick in Previous Mock: Shelvin Mack

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Hunter Thomas
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  3. Adam

    June 12, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks Freddy. NESN reported last night that the Celtics may be looking to trade out of the draft, but I would be very disappointed if that were to happen. I understand not wanting to burden Doc Rivers with an inexperienced player, but at some point you need to add youth to the roster and develop it for the future.

    I figure Jeremy Tyler would be able to give them 12-15 minutes a game in the regular season. In the playoffs, you shorten the rotation anyways, so you may not need to rely on him when it really counts. Or, you could get lucky and he could be an instant contributor like you think.

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  5. Freddy

    June 12, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Love the celtics pick. Others dont see it, but i think he already has 6th man of the year potential, maybe even his rookie year and move in as a starter a la the knicks guy. Great mock cause you gave celtics a center, and all other picks great. Best mock ive seen

  6. Adam

    June 11, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks, but I’m a slouch when it comes to brackets. I’ve only one my pool once and that was a tiny four-man pool. I’ll stick to my mock drafts and offer my insight that way.

  7. Jamie Canu

    June 11, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    You clearly know far more about college ball then I do. What are you doing next March when it is time to fill out my office bracket?

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