Early Look: Roster Decisions

I know we are only 3 days removed from the game 5 loss to the Heat and the off-season has begun, but here at we have no off-season. Regardless of what is going on with the NBA lockout, Danny Ainge has a huge summer ahead of him. His first order of business has a check mark next to it with the re-signing of Doc Rivers to a 5 year deal. Now it’s on to the players and how the roster looks going into the summer.

NBA Draft- 1 First Rd Pick, 1 Second Rd Pick

Under Contract Next Year: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jermaine O’Neal.

Restricted Free Agent: Jeff Green- Green is not going anywhere and Danny will lock him up for 3 years.

Player Options: Ray Allen- Will 99.9% chance he will pick up his option.

Shaquille O’Neal- Almost certain he is headed to retirement but with Shaq it’s always a mystery.

Unrestricted Free Agents: Carlos Arroyo, Troy Murphy, Sasha Pavlovic- Will not be back next season

Big Baby Davis- Not even going to call him by his first name because, well he still is a baby, and has played his last game as a Celtic. Davis has been pretty vocal about testing the free agent market and the way he performed this playoff run it seemed as if he doesn’t want to be here and we don’t want him. Next Season- A Pro Wrestler… JK Gone

Nenad Krstic- I can see Danny offering Nenad a 1 year Vet level deal, but a more realistic option may be Krstic going back over seas while getting more money and a lot more playing time. Next Season- Gone

Von Wafer- The Celtics really like Von and when he played during the season he contributed on the offensive end. He was not a reliable defender and if he came back I see him once again just sitting on the bench. Next Season-Gone

Delonte West- An unrestricted free agent that I absolutely see coming back if the price is right. Delonte basically came back this year on a tryout basis and worked himself into a big contributor role off the bench. With Doc sticking around and if West can stay out of trouble this off season he will be back next year. Next Season- Back

My Roster Before free agency: Rondo, Pierce, Ray, KG, Jermaine O’Neal

Bench: Jeff Green, Delonte West, Avery Bradley, 1st Rd Pk, 2nd Rd Pk

Danny has work to do!

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Hunter Thomas
As a lifetime New England sports fan, Hunter was determined in October of 2005 to finally start using that passion and determination to create the site now known as Celtics 24/7. Formerly known as Celtics Pride, Celtics 24/7 has become one of the most well-respected and followed Celtics websites. Our motto “For Fans, By Fans” rings entirely true as we’ve built and grown a community of passionate and enthusiastic Celtics fans. It all starts with you–the fans, and I appreciate every single person who supports us on our journey to the top.


  1. Briana

    May 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    i completely agree with this, and hope it happens. I love big baby off the court but on the court…not so much. I think kristic was a waste but i actually like jeff green.

  2. Jamie Canu

    May 15, 2011 at 9:15 am

    very nice assessment dude

    I don’t know about Baby packing his bags just yet, I think it will comedown to the money he is looking for, much like 2008. I don’t think a lot of teams want to pick up his potential behavioral problems, but the Celtics know that Doc can keep him reeled in, and under the wrong coach it could be a disaster. The Celtics know he had a bad off season, but they also know that he is capable of in the playoffs.

    I think Shaq should retire, but like you said, who knows what Shaq does.

    I would not be surprised if they gave Arroyo a shot, he has potential. But Arroyo may take off to a place with more minutes.

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