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Celtics Get a Day Off

Rajon Rondo

It’s not often that the Boston Celtics have found themselves in a 2-0 deficit – at least not in this era. There’s no question that the Celtics are still very much alive in this best-of-seven series – after all, they haven’t even played a game on their home court.

Even so, the Celtics have to be a little concerned after the first two games of their Eastern Conference semifinals with the Miami Heat and head coach Doc Rivers has given them a day off to refocus.

But beneath the surface of just a one-day, clear-your-head siesta, there could very well be a lot more to this. The Celtics have had a tough time dealing with the Heat’s athleticism in Games 1 and 2, and it is possible that their age is showing. They have looked a step slow in the playoffs – even in their sweep of the New York Knicks – and the younger, faster, more athletic Heat are exposing that.

Compounding the problems could be injuries, such as Rajon Rondo’s bad back and Paul Pierce’s sore foot/sore Achilles tendon. Quite clearly, the Celtics did in fact need a good day off simply to rest up.

Those who bet on NBA odds at BetUs know that Game 3 will likely decide how this series is going to play out. While it’s obvious that if the Celtics can’t win Game 3, they aren’t likely to climb out of a three-game deficit, but the fans, media and pundits want to see what a rested Celtics team looks like on their home court. Their window of opportunity is still very much open but they have to show in Game 3 or this could very well be the closing moment of an era for this particular roster.

The Heat are not invincible – their regular season record against teams above .500 indicates exactly that – but the Celtics need to start playing a little bit sharper if they want to get back into this series.

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