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The Tweeps Have Spoken: Player Power Rankings

Jacked this picture from @BosCelticsFans twitter account

For this installment of Celtics Player Power Rankings, we took to twitter to ask Celtics 247′s loyal 12,775 (and counting) tweeps to contribute. In the span of two hours, we got dozens of solid responses on most every player. We got some serious analysis, some comedy, and even a little freestyle rap! This time around, we basically used the first tweet we got on any given player. If you’d like to contribute to next week’s rankings, hit us up on twitter (@celtics_247) or hit my personal twitter (@nicksava) and use #C’srank as hashtag. Oh and you should follow all these tweeps below on twitter! They’ll follow you back, and we’ll keep building a strong Celtics community on twitter!

Shout-outs to @bohoganlifestyl , @jcmorgan, and @Dexter9173. These tweeps submitted responses but I had already used up the player they wrote about.

(My thoughts are in bold throughout),

1. Paul Pierce (Since he’s # 1, we’ll give him 2 tweets): @RIC_THE_LEGEND: Pierce is playing like a leader something lbj and wade are not doing. Also @mattglions: Paul Pierce is the truth, the mother f#*ing truth. #ShaqQuotes

2. Kevin Garnett: @RyanDesmarais KG is healthy and has returned to dbl-dbl machine status. His intensity is thru the roof and has spilled over to the new guys

3. Ray Allen: @williamokaa Ray: the current 3pts king… Need we elaborate? I think not

Can I get a beat for this next one?…

4. Rajon Rondo: @wasbossfwwe : he wears number nine, look away and the ball is gone, another trip double in the box score line, the name is Rondo comma Rajon.

5. Big Baby: @collinsz10 big baby has the most passion outta any dude on the celtics he got the energy off the bench to make the crowd go crazy! SHREK!!

6. Nanand Krstic: @BosCelticsFans Krstic – we all saw him as just a throw in, but he’s proven to be more than that, and have already exceeded expectations.

7. Jeff Green: @TTrendSettAA: Jeff Green can throw it down without any rust in his bones.

8. Von Wafer: @TheAurbach : Wafer Provides offensive spark off bench with wide versatility from long range to driving to the basket. Some Defense as well.

I was lookin for a little humor and finally when we started talkin bout the new guys, we got some less-than-serious takes…

9. Delonte West: @Carla_Monroe (she was really mad about the Perk trade): They should of traded West’s Bad-attitude-having-ass lol! I’m still a little hurt bout the trades but still a Fan

You all were brutal when it came to Troy Murphy’s looks. I chose one of a few jokes here…

10. Troy Murphy: @pagebyrner I bet Troy Murphy has the same look driving the streets of Boston as he does on the court–lost & confused.

11. Carlos Arroyo: @Abwon I’m sure Carlos Arroyo isn’t crying about the Heat. Note: This was one of a handful of Miami Heat + crying references. That will never get old

12. Avery Bradley: @BosCelticsFans Avery Bradley, though he’s not NBA ready he has played some stellar defense this week, sometimes better than Rajon
(I only allow such slanderous anti-Rono language because… well… nobody else submitted anything for Bradley and @BosCelticsFans was one of the first and most frequent to reply)

Finally, nobody submitted thoughts for the following two players, so I’ll leave my own…

13. Sasha Pavlovich: I never liked this guy in Cleveland, but I guess I’ll root for him now.

14. Chris Johnson: Kendrick who?


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