Celtics 24/7

Remember the Beast

I’m going to warn you before you read this article.  What I write here is going to be vastly out of character, and it probably won’t be very articulate, but I am so furious right now that I don’t even care.  I’m probably biased as well.  If you have ever perused our “Contributor Biography” section, you would be well-aware that Kendrick Perkins is my favorite Celtic ever.  Period.  Ever since I saw his young face after missing those crucial free throws in place of an ejected Paul Pierce during the playoffs so many years ago, I knew I had found the one.

At this very moment, I have never been more ashamed to be associated with the Boston Celtics.  None of what played out at the trade deadline makes sense to me.  I’m just going to assume this is part some grand scheme to acquire Dwight Howard next summer.

STILL. It does not make sense to me.  Since when were the Celtics in a position to be maneuvering for the future?  Last time I checked, we are sitting atop the Eastern Conference and are in serious contention for an NBA championship.  Prime time to prepare for the rebuilding process?  What?  I thought Game 7 of last years NBA Finals couldn’t be any more proof that Perkins was an essential, invaluable piece of the core.  The Celtics just became a worse rebounding team on paper, which is one of their biggest weaknesses.  They have lost the backbone of their defense.  Kendrick worked his ass off for months to get back to this team as soon as possible after a severe knee injury.  So why?

I’m so angry right now I can barely think straight enough to write.

Kendrick, I will never forget the hard work, grittiness, and heart you have always brought to this team.

Danny, you need a do-over on this one.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it.