Quick Trade Deadline Thoughts

Celtics only need a bit of help, but it will go a long way.

The Celtics have one need: a back-up wing player. Pierce has already played every game and far too many minutes. He’s going to be trash come playoff time if he keeps it up. But he needs to play lots of minutes for them to be effective. So its a bit of a tough spot.

Their problem is they don’t have too many pieces to trade. Basically, its Nate (who nobody wants cuz he hasn’t played all that well and he has a two-year contract), Semih Erdin (who has been surprisingly decent and gives some good depth-especially w/ Perk and Shaq hurt), Jermaine O’Neal (hurt and ineffective when healthy) and Avery Bradley (whoever he is).

So if they can pull off a trade it would be quite a coup. After the deadline, they can see what guys get bought out and try to bring them in (i.e. PJ Brown, Marbury, of previous years) Troy Murphy is rumored to be getting bought out.

So, while they are in good shape, they could still use some help and I’m not sure they’re going to get it, at least today.

If it does happen today, however, you’ll hear about it on twitter from our boy John Collins. Follow him on twitter at @Collins019 for his live coverage of the NBA Trade Deadline starting at noon today. And y’all already know you can follow @Celtics_247 on twitter during most every game night (though these West Coast games are tough!) for up-to-minute game updates and other fun banter.

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Hunter Thomas
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