Mid Season Report Card

As the All Star break is here at this point in the season this is the best news the Celtics have gotten all year. They need the break they are beaten up and we all know after the break is when the real season starts. It’s the time of year when the season starts to mean something as the Celts get ready to position themselves for the playoffs. But before we look ahead we have to look back at the first half of the season that had some highs (Beating the Heat 3 straight times) and the lows (losing to the Bobcats) as I give my mid season grades to the Celtics players and staff.

G Ray Allen- Ray, now the king of behind the arch has been consistent and really I have nothing to complain about when it comes to Ray so far. The usual that I have been complaining about since Ray has been a Celtic his passing skills and the fact that he is not a good dribbler. The good thing is that is not his job on this team he is a shooter and a lights out one that is when it comes down to crunch time. His defense is better this year as well.

Grade: A

G Avery Bradley- Didn’t even think he would play one game coming into the season this year as Portland was his destination coming into the year. With all the injuries Bradley has had to play some minutes this year and looked like a 20 year old out there.

Grade: C-

G/F Marquis Daniels- A better season was the only option for marquis this year coming off a bad and injury played season last season. It started out good for Marquis but once again a neck injury he suffered Vs Orlando is going to keep him out 1-2 months so hopefully he will be ready for the playoffs.

Grade: B-

F Glen Davis- Big baby has been the best player off the bench this season and can strongly be considered for the 6th man award. He has done everything that has been asked by Doc(has the most offensive fouls taken in the league) and the coaching staff so far this year and I expect nothing to change as the season moves forward.

Grade: B+

C Semih Erden- Coming into the season Semih was my choice as the new Sheldon Williams but when healthy he was better than that. He has shown some spark off the bench and filled a nice role while Perk, JO, and Shaq were out. Semih is battling an injury right now but gave more than expected in the first half of the season.

Grade: C

F Kevin Garnett- At times KG looks like the old KG and he has shown signs as being the player he was when during the title run. He seems like he is over the knee injury and is the emotional leader of this team. If KG is not himself the Celtics have no shot at winning a title this year.

Grade: B

F Luke Harangody- Another guy who has been a surprise when he has gotten minutes. Luke has looked good and is the scrappy player you need when minutes are up in the air for playing time. He is good around the basket and reminds me of a Big Baby his rookie year.

Grade: B-

C Jermaine O’Neal- Not enough time in t he day for me to write about how much I hated this signing when it happened and how much I hate it today.

Grade: F

C Shaquille O’Neal- A good first half of the year by Shaq as we needed it badly with injuries down low. When he was healthy in first half he contributed tremendously on both ends of the court. He fits in great with this team as when he is out there he is the 5th option and that makes him extremely dangerous even though he is on the extreme back end of his career.

Grade: B-

C Kendrick Perkins: In the short time he has been back he is back to the old Perk. Getting rebounds playing good D and getting Tech’s. Look for a strong second half by Perk as he has something to prove coming back from injury and it is his contract year.

Grade: INC (didn’t play enough to give him a grade)

F Paul Pierce: It seems to me the older Paul gets the better he gets as he is headed to the All Star game once again and gets better and better on the defensive end of the court. He leads the Celtics in point per game and is ready to gear it up for the big second half.

Grade: A-

G Nate Robinson- Besides JO this is my biggest disappointment of the first half of the season. Nate takes way too many three’s and is unreliable on the defensive end. It was either a hit or miss with Nate in the first half of the season. He needs to be more consistent in the second half or his minutes will be lost as the playoffs approach.

Grade: C-

G Rajon Rondo- High hopes for Rondo coming into the season and he has no disappointed as he started out on flames dishing out assists like crazy and feeding his teammates for easy hoops. The team starts with KG but the offense starts with Rondo. He has to continue to get better with his jump shot but I believe as he continues to develop the jump shot will come.

Grade: A-

G Von Wafer- Another surprise late in the first half of the season as when he got minutes he has contributed. Wafer looked to be just a guy to fill a roster spot at the start of the season but once Delonte went down Doc called on Wafer to play more minutes and back up Ray and he responded.

Grade: B-

G Delonte West- Did not play enough in the first half to get a good grasp on a grade for Delonte.

Grade: INC

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