Celtics Trade Day Recap

Trade # 1 Boston-Oklahoma City Thunder

Boston Gets- F Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic

Oklahoma City gets- C Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson

This was an absolute shock to me when I heard this trade was going down. I had a feeling Nate was going to be dealt but Perk this came out of no where like Deron Williams to the Nets yesterday. Perk was the perfect Celtic especially with the big four as he knew his role every time he was on the court. This will be a big loss for when we play the Heat and hopefully the Lakers. He was our answer to Dwight Howard now he is gone. We have no advantage over the Heat as they had no center and  Perk was what we needed inside to play the Lakers. Nate did not do it for me I was against the extension we gave him this off season and he just didn’t seem to be what we thought he was going to be that consistent back up PG we have been looking for. Now Jeff Green is a in between player as he is a four but plays like a 3. So he will be a good player off the bench as he is a better scorer then Marquis was also is more athletic and a pretty good defender. Green was originally drafted by the Celtics before he was traded for Ray Allen. Nenad is a 7 footer that can shoot the ball but like any other Euro that is pretty much it. He does not rebound the ball well or play any defense.

Trade # 2 Boston-Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland gets- C Semih Erden, F Luke Harangody

Boston gets- 2011 2nd Rd pk, 2013 first Rd pk(lottery protected until 2016) from Cavs via Clippers

Now Letting both these guys go was not a shock to me. If this was the only deal Danny made today I would have been happy as it gets rid of two guys that really had no present and future with the team. All they brought to the club was depth and if Shaq and JO or a guy like Troy Murphy(if they sign him) are healthy they will get most of the playing time. Danny gets a low 2nd round pick this year because the Cavs are going to end up with one of the worst records in the league. We know how Danny gets steals in the 2nd round(Gomes, Davis, Leon) so this was a smart deal for the future. We may never see this first round pick unless the Clippers make the playoffs before the year 2016. Hey its worth a shot as Ainge got as much as he could from Cleveland.

Trade # 3 Boston-Sacramento

Sacramento gets- F Marquis Daniels

Boston gets- Cash

This deal was made just because well if seems like Marquis is not going to play the rest of the season with a spin injury and the Celtics can use some Cash as they are over the luxury tax. Marquis was expendable once Jeff Green was traded for.

Overall Grade on Deadline day for the Celtics- C

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Hunter Thomas
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  1. Leo B

    March 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    John Great work as usual. With Troy Murphy in the fold and Corey Brewer to hopefully follow, I believe that this team is in a prime attack position for the rest of the season as they work toward banner 18. The bench of Murphy, Davis, Green, Brewer and Delonte might start and beat a few NBA teams. Loved Perk, but the knees and shoulder scare me quite frankly and the Thunder just gave him 4 Years @ $35 Million !!! Get ready for the Dwight Howard sweepstakes in a couple of years

  2. benjamin

    February 26, 2011 at 3:00 am

    Rasheed Wallace is not coming back. This is a poor move for the boston celtics. Nick Sava was generous by calling it a “C” trade for the celtics. it’s a “C-” at best. Perkins was the best, toughest, most physical defender in the NBA. The chemistry he brings to the team is huge, even if intangible. He is especially valuable deep in the playoffs when trying to stop dwight howard, gasol, bynum. The celtics needed a backup for pierce. they could have bought one (battier, pietrus), even if it was perhaps a bit too expensive. Losing perkins will hurt more, especially when the health of shaq and jermaine o’neil are big question marks. And, they gave up semih erden and harrongody for a measely 2nd round pick. The one advantage we had over miami was size, and we just gave that up. Danny Ainge slaughtered the chemistry of the team and slaughtered the core of the celtics defense, the tough, physical, 7ft, 280lb best lockdown defenseman in the league.

    Green is a benefit. But the problem….. is that we only get 25% of his benefit since he’s only going to be playing 25% of the game. Last time i checked, pierce is still going to be starting. So you can hooooraaahhh all you want about green’s addition. At the end of the day, he’s in the game less than 15 minutes.

    You’re telling me that 15 minutes from a third rate player on the bench without team chemistry is better than the best, toughest, low post defensive player in the league?

    Not to mention Krstic is struggling.

    This is a terrible move for the boston celtics. If they dont win the title, Danny Ainge is going to take a ton of heat for this. If they do win the title, perk better be on the duck-boat during the parade! This is a sad day for the boston celtics.

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  5. Tierney

    February 25, 2011 at 12:09 am

    Should have kept perkins man you guys are dumb.

  6. Derek Havens

    February 24, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Solid wrap up John. I was under the impression we received the 1st rounder from OKC though. They had the Clippers pick because the Eric Bledsoe trade last year. OKC gave their 1st rounder to the Clippers in order to take Bledsoe (They took Al Farouq aminu earlier).

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