Sleepless in Phoenix


Well, we all said it. No rocket scientist needed when it comes to an older team who hasn’t played fantastically away from home. Factor in the guy who has Amerigo Vespucci rolling over in his grave whom was genius enough to have the Celtics go on a four-game road trip out West starting with a late night game in Portland (seven hour flight, I believe) in the Pacific time zone followed by a flight to Phoenix on Mountain (take away an hour of your life and throw it in the garbage) and what do you get? You get referees who are on the verge of delivering their first child without epidurals and players who would make steroids look weak. What am I saying?

I’m not sitting here on the East Coast upset at the loss. As I mentioned, kind of expected. I am upset that we were preparing for a huge upset in those final minutes regardless of whether or not it could have truly come to fruition and ticky-tack- David-Stern-imposed-keep-the-peace-officiating controlled the game. Today’s line was Boston -4.5. I thought that was feasible. Steve Nash, a 22 year old afro and the Magic rejects versus us? A stacked team? A win was possible but a loss was understandable. Unfortunately, the officiating and the scheduling of the front office is absolutely putrid. What a typical gripe after your team loses. Just type cast me already. I think I’m a little justified tonight. You cannot argue horrendous scheduling but complaining about the refs is absolutely mandatory following a loss. Right?

Doc Rivers gets ejected by Joey Crawford, er, Steve Javie (old habits die hard) after applauding sarcastically when Javie administered the first technical. Doc claps, Javie gets offended and immediately tosses Doc. Quote of the year can then be read clear as day on Doc Rivers lips, “It’s not about you, it’s about the game.” By the way, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy had nothing good to say about Javie’s officiating. Keep that in mind. The Celtics then proceed to play their worst game offensively this season against a Phoenix team that really didn’t deserve the credit or the win. They played an average game on both ends of the floor with their statistical highlights possessing the last names Carter and Gortat. Enough said. Big Baby left the game with a sore ego/hamstring.


Kevin Garnett and Mickael Pietrus got into it when Garnett set a legal screen for Ray and Pietrus was caught off guard as he slammed into Garnett. He got in KG’s face and much to my surprise they issued a flagrant to Pietrus. Okay, I’m regaining hope. Later in the fourth when the Celtics have actually cut the deficit to single digits (worth celebrating tonight), Channing Frye pulls up for a three and Garnett (with intention or without, who cares) sets his foot in the way of Frye’s landing space for the second time in the game. It pains C. Frye so much that he winces in pain like he’s trying to take Pierce’s Oscar award and very quickly and ends up head butting Garnett on the way to share some words. Both teams get into it only to be issued technical fouls after a lengthy review from the officials. Garnett is issued one for his “reaction” and another for the fight which he did not instigate. Now Garnett has had two fights for the evening with French and Frye and Nate Robinson and Perkins are also issued a technical for getting involved. Phoenix receives SIX free throws for the clearance sale of technicals and after making four, Lawrence Frank sits down the starters and lets the bench finish the game off.

The excuses for this loss are plentiful but they were outplayed tonight, plain and simple. However, I find it hard to abide by anything I have read tonight via Phoenix media claiming that the Suns “pounced” on the Eastern Conference Champions. No, the Eastern Conference Champions with a little help from the broken hour hand on their clocks beat themselves.


Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins accumulated a grand total of six technical fouls. Isn’t the whole team suspended for thirty-eight games after that?

On another note the line for Kings at Lakers tonight was Lakers -12.

Till Sunday.

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Hunter Thomas
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