Celtics 24/7, Ray Allen, and Muze Team Up!

Celtics 24/7 is proud to announce a new partnership with Ray Allen and Muze Clothing. Some of of you may have already heard of Ray’s efforts and his fight against juvenile diabetes, but we are here to help spread the word even more.  .  Celtics 24/7 is very excited to be partnering with Ray and Muze for this great cause. All proceeds of the shirts sold go towards Ray’s cause so we encourage everyone to help out!  That’s not at all. The fans of Celtics 24/7 can receive free shipping by using the promo code “Celtics247”.  So please read the information below and check out all the cool T-Shirts Muze has to offer. Celtics 24/7, Ray Allen, and Muze thank you for your help in our fight against juvenile diabetes.

Here is a quick video explaining the cause:

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Check out that shirt as well as the others Ray and Muze have to offer!

About Muze:
Muze Clothing is a lifestyle brand for those who express themselves through great movie quotes. We take great movie quotes and put them on premium casual cotton t-shirts with contemporary, world class designs. The brand provides a platform for consumers in the movie-line culture to connect with other members of the online community and express themselves both in the digital and physical worlds. These high quality, premium shirts are made in the USA and have been enthusiastically adopted by leading celebrities as their personal statements. Launched with the belief that ‘to wear is human; to give, divine’, we create comfortable, fashionable clothing that makes a philanthropic impact.

We connect consumers with celebrities and social causes by creating dedicated shirt designs for each cause. The shirts are sold exclusively at   20% – 40% of the sale price of shirts goes to the celebrity’s preferred cause.  Muze does not profit from these shirts, instead reallocating any proceeds into driving the sale of more such shirts.

The various partnerships currently in place include;

  • Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics supporting the Ray of Hope Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox supporting the Josh Beckett Foundation and Children’s Hospital Boston
  • Jeremy Roenick (ex-NHL star) and the Wounded Warrior Project
  • The NFL Players Association “Echoes” shirt campaign

To date all sales happen exclusively online through Muze’s own branded e-commerce site at

About Muze and Ray Allen Partnership:

Boston Celtics power player Ray Allen has teamed with Muze Clothing to support the fight against Juvenile Diabetes. This partnership has resulted in two very successful premium shirts inspired by Ray and his favorite movie quotes. All proceeds from the T-shirt go to support Ray’s cause.

“Ray is a dedicated father, player and a great inspiration to many, myself included,” says Muze Clothing CEO Bill Deacon.  “Working with him on this shirt was such a natural fit with the mission of our company and we feel honored to help out this incredibly important cause.  No child or parent should have to worry about any childhood illness beyond a scraped knee or a common cold.  We hope that by doing our part, we can help find a cure for this life altering condition.”

The first shirt is titled “What Would Jesus Shuttleworth Do?” and illustrates the journey of Ray’s life. Starting with the symbolism of a paper plane to represent his childhood growing up on a US Air Force base, through the seams of colorful basketballs to show his career path, and up to his current position in a Celtics #20 jersey, where he won the 2008 NBA Championship. The movie line “No journey is too great, when one finds what he seeks,” from the 80’s classic movie “Coming to America” graces the back of the  shirt in Ray’s own handwriting. The W.W.J.S.D. on the front stands for “What Would Jesus Shuttleworth Do” – a tribute to the character Ray Allen played in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game. ”

These short-sleeved, crewneck t-shirts are made in Los Angeles, CA from premium cotton. The shirts feature discharge print front graphic with the movie line printed on the back. The shirts are treated with a silicon wash for a super-soft feel.

Fans can go to to purchase the shirts inspired by Ray and dedicated to the fight against juvenile diabetes.

Ray Allen and Muze partner to support the Ray of Hope Foundation:
Flora Allen-Hopson, mom and #1 fan of Boston Celtics Champion Ray Allen, has launched Ray’s $3 for 3’s program to raise money for the fight against Juvenile Diabetes.  Muze has partnered with Ray and Flo and the Ray of Hope Foundation with this limited edition T-shirt, featuring the line, “this is beautiful, what is this, velvet.”  Taken from one of Ray’s favorite movies Coming to America, the quote perfectly describes Ray’s velvety jumper and features his number 20 on the back. Made to the highest production standards at Muze, these shirts are 100% cotton and designed for a super-soft, luxuriant wear feel.

Fans can go to to purchase the shirts inspired by Ray and dedicated to the fight against juvenile diabetes.

Here is a video of Shanon talking about the initiative:

Another video of the initiative being discussed on the Comcast Sports Network:

Important URLs –

Product page for Ray Allen for JDRF (What Would Jesus Shuttleworth Do?)

Product page for Ray Allen for Ray of Hope (Velvet) Men

Product page for Ray Allen for Ray of Hope (Velvet) Women

Ray Allen Partnership Microsite

About Muze and Josh Beckett Foundation Partnership:

Josh Beckett has partnered with Muze Clothing to create a unique premium cotton t-shirt to raise money for Children’s Hospital Boston. The shirt features the quote, “Out here a man settles his own problems” from one of Josh’s favorite movies The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance starring John Wayne.

1)     About the shirt:

a.     Both Josh’s Texas roots and his intensity on the field serve as inspiration for this design. Josh has always admired John Wayne and his iconic screen image, and asked the Muze team to create a shirt featuring The Duke’s famous quote, “Out here, a man settles his own problems” from the classic Western, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” There are times when a pitcher can feel like he’s all alone on the mound, and must summon the strength and will to get out of a jam on his own merit. This imagery was also chosen because Josh does most of his charitable work out of the spotlight or behind a mask, so to speak.

b.     This limited edition, one-of-a-kind classic Muze shirts will help settle a less fortunate child’s problems. All purchases will help Josh and the Josh Beckett Foundation make a direct and permanent impact on the lives of sick and underprivileged children who come to Children’s Hospital Boston.

c.     The shirt is a 100% premium cotton, short sleeve, crewneck shirt. The finish features a distressed front graphic, of a western outlaw with the quote , to create a vintage look and feel. The treatment includes a silicon wash for a soft, luxuriant feel. The shirts are made in Los Angeles, CA.

Retail price – $40 each available in sizes Small through 5X-Large for Men and sizes Small to X-Large for Women.

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