Predicting MVP

The last time a member of the Celtics won the MVP award was Larry Bird in 1986. Considering the loss of dominance over the years leading up to 2008, it seems fair and right that Bird was the last recipient. In what is the beginning of the end of the Big Four (Rondo stays, the rest retire), I don’t think the MVP will be coming to Boston any time soon. It’s really not all is it cracked up to be although LeBron compensates for ZERO rings (may change in one more year) by wearing the t-shirt that commends his most valuableness. It was easy to 2x call James an MVP when he single-handedly brought continual success to an otherwise average team and it seems as though that will be the basis of handing out the trophy this year. It won’t be Kobe because like Tom Brady “the expectations are higher for Brady than Michael Vick”, and it definitely won’t be Rajon Rondo because he isn’t a high scorer in addition to the Celtics being able to win the games he didn’t start (it’s DECEMBER). So, who will grab the honor this year? It will more than likely be in the Eastern Conference (Rose, Stoudemire are getting much consideration) and it will be a scorer who took a team to levels that were not expected at the start of the season. Truthfully I consider the Most Valuable Player award an insult to the rest of the team. In this decade the only MVP of the league (not just The Finals) who actually brought his team a championship was Shaquille O’Neal in 2000. Since then, in my opinion, it has been an award that says, “Great job being the only reason your team won games, but you weren’t quite team enough to win it all.” I’ll take number 18 over a fun t-shirt and a mantle piece any day and I know everyone wearing green would, too.

We’re only so far into the season but I’m interested to know who your 2010-2011 MVP would be if you were to take player output today and project it throughout the course of the regular season?

My pick as a homer: #9 Rajon “The Clinic” Rondo

My pick as a basketball lover: Manu Ginobili

You thought I was going to pick Amar’e (I would if he played any sort of defense)?!?! Did you hear what he said last night?

Leave your thoughts below!

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Hunter Thomas
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  1. Hunter Thomas


    December 19, 2010 at 12:59 am

    Manu Ginobili? Very interesting pick. I hate NY but I still have to go with Amare over Manu as of right now. However, I think by the end of the season it could be very different.

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